The Steve Dangle Podcast – January 26, 2014 – We Miss Chris


On this episode, Steve and Adam discuss outdoor games, why Toronto’s weird, and a Habs coaching change.

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  • PositiveDrinking

    the Leafs actually draft pretty well. From 2000-2008, 29% of Leafs draft picks went on to play more than 100 games in the NHL, compared to a league average of 22%. So no they haven’t been able to pick a superstar, but they do draft well.
    Also, guys like Thornton, St. Louis, and Bobrovsky were all traded for, so it is possible to trade (but you’re right, it is a lot more common to get them through the draft).

  • The Leafs might draft better than league average by the standard of quantity, but not quality. Look at players like Duncan Keith (54th overall), Patrice Bergeron (45), PK Subban (43), Henrik Zetterberg (210), and Pavel Datsyuk (171). All are all-star calibre players and were drafted after the first round. I can’t think of any Leafs like that, except maybe Reimer. Also your criteria doesn’t take into account players drafted by the Leafs that were traded by the team before they made a mark on the league. Rask and Steen are both all-star calibre (at least this year for Steen) but the Leafs traded them both before they could make any meaningful impact in a Leafs uniform.