LFR7 – Game 54 – Pity Point! – Tor 4, Wpg 5


Hey – I’ll take the half-win!

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Post Game

  • Stupid coaching by Carlyle again by pulling Reimer just when the hockey gods started to let goals against the jets. It seems Carlyle waits to the moment when his team starts playing better to switch the goalies. I’ve seen it again and again this year.

    And that last goal on Bernier was atrocious. If Reimer was left in net, he would have easily gloved it and won the game in shoot out.

    • I agree with you 100% RC and Nonis have had it out for Reimer since game 7 last year..how sad to take a wonderful human being with heart and love of his sport and his team, to work so hard to get to where he was before it was taking away and given to an un-proven, show boating, one man team..becase thats what they did to Reimer…and it’s distasteful and crude…I know who cares…I care, and now that they have totally destroyed him and left him shattered I guess it’s all for the game, hell with the person who cares….Reims was a team player with heart and an all around nice guy, he has never giving RC the team or anyone any cause to bench him like he’s yesterdays news….but hey he’s not worth anything on the market now that his game has fallen so bad, that what a great back up goalie, no one else will pay for him, so if he still wants to be a goalie were keep him on maybe offer him less money just to give him a job at the end of his contract, use and abuse him more…
      You all suck and don’t desreve Reims…your all welcome to Bernier, RC and Nonis….

  • “How do you feel about the point?”


    That Jets team has been playing well recently. The Jets just beat Anaheim! and hung in with San Jose for their only loss since the hiring of Maurice.

    The key thing that the Leafs do well in the upcoming soft stretch. They play Florida twice, along with the Islanders and Rangers. They don’t go West again until March 10.

    As long as the Leafs bank some soft point in the next month, I am ok with a single point against Winnipeg.

    • I thought it was unfair. It was a hot-potato play where at least three mistakes were made. Did Kulemin bumble it? Sure. But that’s rare for him, and he wasn’t even the only guy on the ice who ate guff on that play.