LFR7 – Game 52 – Denver Half Dozen – Tor 5, Col 2


The Leafs have won six straight games, so naturally I started talking about the playoffs.

Oh – and Dion Phaneuf’s hat.


Post Game

  • barryweston

    @Steve_Dangle – You’re a monster….how do you function on this amount of sleep?

    Does facing BOS in round 1 potential scare/worry me? Ummm, yeah. Why? Because Leafs.

  • barryweston

    This will become the real acid test for the Leafs on their way to becoming a good team:

    Can they play well enough in the regular season to determine their own fate and avoid certain first round matchups?

    They need to be able to win when it matters and get Montreal or Tampa in the first round.

    Heck, if it needed to happen, I would rather thet rest some players and tank to get a matchup with Pitsburgh in the first round.

  • barryweston

    You are a trooper for making sure to get the LFR in , sleep be damned. What do you need 6-8 hours, idk them advanced stats ;).
    Anyway question I have is what if leafs face boston in the playoffs again and the same ting happened. Does nonis and Carlyle get fired. Does dave bolland have a twin ? Do the leafs then go and sign Girardi for 7yrs/6million. Who am I kidding it will be Gardiner and Kadri’s fault evn if they don’t play it will just be see they are not reliable to play.