David Clarkson on IR, world ends


The Leafs have placed both David Clarkson and Frazer McLaren on injured reserve.

No water bottle is safe.

Seriously though, what a nightmare of a season it has been for David Clarkson. I wouldn’t feel bad for him if he was dogging it, but he goes out every night, usually in a poorly-casted role, and gives it his all.

The 10-game suspension he got at the beginning of the season is an extremely frustrating one. Yes, he should have been suspended. You can’t set a precedent where players can leave the bench. Period. That being said, Clarkson’s Leafs career would have started on time, and Phil Kessel’s record would also remain unblemished, if that score-two-goals-every-half-decade sniper John Scott doesn’t try to mug one of the NHL’s best offensive players for no reason. "The Code." Barf.

Then there’s Clarkson’s hit on Ian Cole, which he was also suspended for. Not much to say about that. That’s a no-no.

Then there’s this injury, which seems like it has been around for at least a few weeks now, as Clarkson also is coming off a bout with the flu. 

And to think, it was just as Randy Carlyle decided to put Peter Holland on Clarkson’s line instead of Jay McClement, making that line a realistic scoring threat. Brutal.

His contract is a nightmare, but I still believe Clarkson can be a useful and consistent offensive player on the Leafs. He’s just not being used properly.

I’m guessing the Olympic break can’t come soon enough for number seventy-one.

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  • Bertly83

    Maybe Ashton will get to play more than 4 mins a game now.

    Good 3rd line replacement for Clarkson in the mean time.

    JVR Bozak Kessel
    Raymond Kadri Lupul
    Kulemin Holland Ashton
    D’Amigo McClement Orr

    Probably this tomorrow night?

    • arnoldlwlee

      I’d rather see Josh Leivo on the third line right wing with Ashton taking Orr’s place. That would give us a complete, useful 4th line for once. D’Amigo shouldn’t be sent down anymore, he’s paid his due in the AHL.

        • arnoldlwlee

          Yeah, it’s too bad. If Carlyle really needs a goon he should at least call up Troy Bodie. Physical, fights, cycles the puck, can chip in once in a while. The Leafs are more of a Boudreau team than a Carlyle team. Use what you have and stop trying to fit a round circle in a square peg.

  • STAN

    Gotta take exception to the “he gives it his all” line.

    His awkward skating style (one of least smooth in the NHL) makes it appear he’s working his tail off, but he’s just making skating, turning and accelerating look hard.

    That, and his outlier season in which he potted 30 goals apparently fooled Dave Nonis and (allegedly) several other GM’s, Lou Lamorello not among them.

    I think this is calculated to see how the team fairs without him.

  • arnoldlwlee

    The replacements will be interesting. The Marlies play tonight but don’t play again until Monday, so there is a huge chance to give some guys a look.

    Against a smallish, speedy Montreal team, it would tempting to bring up Spencer Abbott, who leads the entire AHL in assists (29) and has 37 points in 34 games. In Holland’s stint with the Marlies, he and Abbot had instant chemistry, combining for many goals. Abbott is also decent defensivley and is among the Marlie leaders with +10.

    Would Carlyle dare to play this combination?

    JVR Bozak Kessel
    Raymond Kadri Lupul
    Kulemin Holland Abbott
    D’Amigo McClement Ashton

    or will it be some other combination with Orr in place on the fourth line?

    Considering his instant chemistry with Holland, I sure would like to see Abbott for a game.

  • JVR Bozak Kessel
    Raymond Kadri Lupul
    Kulemin Holland Leivo
    D’Amigo McClement Troy Bodie

    Holland and Leivo had some nice chemistry going on in the two games on the AHL. With kulemin, it will be even better because he is very underrated when he plays with good players consistently. Plus he will make sure no one pick on the rookies. I’ll prefer Troy Bodie over Ashton to be honest. Ashton hasn’t scored a goal yet in like 50 games while Bodie has like two in 20 games or something.

    • arnoldlwlee

      I would prefer they bring up David Broll.

      He is bigger and a better fighter. 4 x the PIMs (41 mins) over Brodie (9mins.)

      Broll has a another goal tonight and 12 points so far, just three points from equaling the AHL career high of both Orr and McLaren, yet he just turned 21 in only his first full season in the AHL. Because he can actually skate and play the game, Broll is the enforcer of the future for the Toronto Maple Leafs.