I’m new here, so hi everyone!


My name is Steven Tzemis and I am a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. And yes, that was supposed to sound like an introduction to an AA meeting.

I’ve been given this opportunity to be a part of The Leafs Nation and seeing as how I’m still in university, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I look forward to bringing a fresh voice to the site and hopefully one that the readers will enjoy.  

Lately, my fandom has fallen on the spectrum between, “wow, this team is actually playing well?” to “oh my god I can’t watch this team please please please fire Carlyle.” So, from that, you can probably gather what I currently think about the Leafs and how my opinions will reflect against the Leafs.

I hate staged fights, I like hockey players better than goons, and I was livid when the Leafs bought out Grabovski. But I absolutely love writing about hockey, and becoming part of this team at Leafs Nation gives me another platform to express myself.

With that being said, I consider myself somewhat of a bad luck charm. I was born in 1993, the last year the Leafs had a legit opportunity to end the curse since 1967. I also finally broke my ACC losing streak earlier this year, attending a win at the ACC after beginning my life 0-11 there (thank my girlfriend, I credit her with the win). But, I guess that means if I ever go to a game without her, they’ll probably lose. So if you’re a member of Tank Nation, feel free to send me tickets, I’d be glad to bestow my Leafs Luck upon them.

And lastly, me turning 19 seemed to be the turning point in the 2011-2012 season. My sister got me tickets for my birthday to the Mats Sundin tribute game, which the Leafs proceeded to lose 5-0 to Montreal (The picture above is of me and my sister at that game. The sadness in our faces…) Then they lost like a million games in a row and Ron Wilson was fired and basically me turning 19 set up the failure.

PS: If you think I’m a total idiot for writing all that, feel free to say so.

Whether I ruffle some feathers or tickle your fancy, getting a genuine reaction out of anyone will be enough for me. And if you want to know some more about me, read my Leafs fun facts below:

          Morgan Reilly is currently my favourite Leafs player

          Mats Sundin is my all-time favourite Leafs player

          I saw James van Riemsdyk in Real Sports apparel once. My friend and I were too scared to say something because he was buying his own jersey. He then favourited my friend’s tweet proclaiming ourselves as weird stalkers

          I saw someone wearing a Mikael Tellqvist jersey once

          This isn’t about the Leafs, but I met Tyler Seguin in the Eaton Centre and he’s a total d-bag. And Brad Marchand. The fact that he is listed at 5’9” is quite hysterical

          And one of my favourite moments ever was Darcy Tucker’s hit on Sami Kapanen in the ’04 playoffs