• MaxPower417

    Okay, so any top NHL goalie can have a horrible game now and again, but two in a row?? Very unusual.

    Dial back to Tuesday morning, and you’re Randy Carlye. You have a rested 1B to put in net but you opt to get your bruised cowboy back on the saddle to redeem himself. You put your supposed #1 (or is it your 1A) back in the net to restore his confidence. Ooops backfired. So was the idea flawed?? IF the answer is yes, then don’t do it again. If the answer is no, well then using the same thought process, you start Bernier on Thursday. Right? *gulp*

    Sure you can dismiss the last two games as just 2 games in an 82 game schedule. BUT those games for the Leafs were important games against teams below them in the standings. Two teams who are trying to claw themselves into wildcard spots. Getting points against stronger teams will be far more difficult. Leafs can ill afford to lose these games.

    Lets hope they can get this season back on track, but the last month and a half we’ve seen a serious drop off.

  • Poluza

    It’s not Bernier’s fault at all, it’s Carlyle’s.

    I have no problem when a goalie puts up a bad game. You can usually look at the reasons why. A turnover, a bad bounce, a bad read, etc. Goes for both goalies.

    Reimer, your #1 guy from last year who singlehandedly got the team to the playoffs last year is sitting on the bench, not getting his fair shake. He’s being the perfect teammate: supportive, hard working, not openly complaining about his situation.

    Bernier, has been good but has obviously been given a longer leash. And as good as he’s been, there are times when I don’t understand where his head is. He’s let in some real stinkers this year. Distracted? Over-confidence? I don’t know. But then in the interview he doesn’t really own up to it being his fault.

    It was a 4-2 game. Bernier gave up at least 2 questionable, stoppable goals. Maybe he deserves more support, maybe he had an offnight again, and maybe he’s allowed that luxury. But Reimer’s rotting on the bench and Bernier can at least realize the chance he’s been given and say “My fault. I need to be better.”

  • Poluza

    What other Leaf player has played at a consistently high level?

    I am probably going to get torched for this but…Dion Phaneuf.

    +12, 17 points which might be +24 and 35 points over the season. Last night was his first -3 game and you can only pin one goal on Phaneuf.

    I have said before, Bernier plays at a high level, but he doesn’t seem to have the ability to play well for long stretches. He can’t seem to win 4 in a row and he seems to play better with 3 or less consecutive games.

    Look at his game log save%:

    5th game .839 9th game .886 15th game .857 17th game .896 18th game .897 20th game .895 21st game .870 23rd game .893 30th game .844 31st .833

    Has Phaneuf been terrible every fifth night?

    Has Reimer?

    This is Reimer’s run from Oct 15 to Nov. 23:
    0.980, 0.943, 0.939, 0.915, 1.00, 0.974, 1.00, 0.973.

    That looks like a number one goaltender…or at least a 1B.

    Play Reimer in Carolina and two of the next three. Maybe wait until Boston for Bernier. Get Bernier the rest he needs and get the 1A/1B tandem working again.

    They said it really well about Bernier on today’s Leafs Lunch:

    “If you can’t play 6 in a row, you’re not a number one goaltender in the NHL. It’s as simple as that.”

    You can’t trade Reimer, Bernier has yet to prove himself as a number one goaltender.

  • Poluza

    I’m sorry I do resent Bernier. He didn’t trade himself to the Leafs I get that. What he did do is come in right from the start and seemed to expect that the number one job was his. A couple of interviews he gave right after the trade happened really soured me on him. It was like Reimer didn’t even exist and he was now the number one just by virtue of being Jonathan Bernier. It irked me. He comes across as a bit of a douche.

    What it comes down to is this, despite being a Leaf fan for over thirty years, having only missed about 20 games over the last decade (thank you Center Ice) I will not ever warm up to Bernier. I don’t like him and I couldn’t care less whether he succeeds or not. Irrational? Probably, but it is the truth.

    • MaxPower417

      I agree 100% it seems Reimer is still in the dog house because of the game 7 lost, and again I will say it again WAS NOT HIS FAULT!! He was exceptional in the playoff’s more than I can say for the rest of the team, the Defensed sucked…I mean come on look at than and now they can’t seem to score more than a goal at too on most nights, the defense has not real game and the whole team can’t seem to gel together and worst of all they can’t get the dam puck out of their zone. Reimer is human not a machine and yet lets blame him for all that is wrong with this team…

      I also don’t care for Bernier I think he is bigger and better in his own mind and the fact that the team, management, coaches etc. seem to play it that way is plain awful….Reimer has showed nothing but support and love for his team and through thick and thin still is humble and will take fault when it’s his fault, not making excuses for his ost on his game night….He should be able to go out there and feel his team is there for him and that no matter what win or loose it’s a game played as a team not on any one players shoulders….

      Bernier cam from a back up postion and has no where the experience Reimer has, he has being giving to much up front without earning it, and that sucks…Reimer shows so much more class and seems to better himself with each game he plays…..if the Leafs can’t see what they already have in Reimer than I pray some other team does, because mark my words with the right coach, team, management and supportive fans there will be no stopping him…

      As you can see I’m a Reimer fan, GO REIMER GO…..the sad thing is tonight there will a lot of pressure for Reimer to save this teams sorry butt and get them out of the mess Bernier and Carlye put this team in….it was unfair to pull Reimer as much as they did this season yet let Bernier continue playing game after game win or loose….

      I pray Reimer can put all this behind him and come out big tonight because I fear what will happen to him next if he doesn’t…Bernier is where he belongs on the bench watching a real #1 Goalie play… I feel no matter what happens tonight Reimer should be giving the same number of games to win or loose as Bernier, not this well we will go back to one guy one night and one guy another night unless a shut-out happens…so in other words Bernier will be back in the game sooner than later.. that sucks….

      Reimer hasn’t been himself since that fantastic win against the capitals, the next game 6-0 just seemed to loose him, or maybe its all this goaltending race that deep down is hurting and it takes a lot out of him to put on a brave face…I hope not because he has a lot of talent and I hope it shines tonight.
      They never should have trading Ben and the other players away to get Clarkson and Bernier because I have seen nothing in either of these players that warrant the money they are getting for the job they aren’t doing….that money and time should have went into putting a better defense together and working on finally getting a team that can gel as one…
      They already had good goalies in Reimer and Ben.