Mats Sundin & Jeff O’Neill bet of the World Juniors


Oh baby!

BREAKING: According to Jeff O’Neill, Mats Sundin is betting 1k on Team Sweden at the World Junior Hockey Championship.

The Leafs’ all-time leading scorer Mats Sundin is Swedish. Shocking, I know. Our crack team of Jeffler investigative reporters made this discovery by scouring Google for what I’m told was at least four or five seconds.

Jeff O’Neill is currently a GOOD OL’ ONTARIA KED I TELL YA analyst at TSN, but he also played 11 seasons in the NHL, including two seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Which man will come out a grand richer? We will have to see.

SIDE POT: Jeff O’Neill had 39 goals in his two seasons (148 games) with the Leafs. How many goals will David Clarkson score in an equal amount of games? He’s currently on pace for 14.8.

SIDE SIDE POT: Can you have more Armageddon wings than Jeff O’Neill? I’ve had a full basket of them on two separate occasions, and while the consequences were gruesome, I went down knowing that I went down as a champion.

  • He’ll score 48. Slow start but he’ll pick up his game BIG TIME. He’ll set a spark and make Leaf fans shut their mouths (The ones hating on him). He’s just having trouble putting the puck in. My question is, HOW can Clarkson score goals playing with Mclement and Kulemin? Doesn’t make any sense. Carlyles gotta drop Raymond to the 3rd line to add speed and add Clarkson, a net crasher to the Kadri-Lupul line.

    • 48?! Ahahahahahah

      Has he even scored with the limited amount of time he did play with Lupul or Kadri? I know that line hasn’t really had a chance yet, but Raymond has looked pretty good on that line, Clarkson needs to step up and take the spot.

      • Yea he did. Look at that Kadri-Lupul line now. They got no offence, you know why? Because their is no net presence. If you put Clarkson on the line, he can crash the net and put it garbage goals while kadri and lupul do the other work. With him playing on Mclements line, they spend most of the time in their own zone DEFENDING guys like Datsyk, Crosby, etc. Raymond would be perfect for that line. He’d add some speed, which would be good against other teams top lines.