LFR7 – Game 38 – Brutal 24/7 – Det 5, Tor 4 (SO)

If that was a preview of the Winter Classic, I’m staying inside.


Reimer vs. Carlyle?
Post Game

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  • Leaf Fan in Mexico

    x = 2 defencemen that can actually play defence… The offense is there, I mean, look at the Chicago game, and for the most part they’re able to guarantee at least a goal or two EVEN WHEN THEY DONT SHOOT THE PUCK.. They just need two COMPETENT d-men (Brooks Orpik types, no more puck-movers)… Mark Fraser isn’t getting it done and the Paul Ranger Cinderella story has to end..

    Phaneuf can only play against the leagues best players for so long (even though he’s paid to do so).. HOW AMAZING would it be to have Phaneuf/Gunnarson only play 20-22 minutes a game and not have to pray to the hockey gods that the Leafs stay in the O-zone and that the other team never touches the puck..

    Leafs need to stop playing with only one D-pairing and maybe they might win more games a little more consistently…

  • STAN

    X= A D-man that can actually play defense and read the situation clearly in front. As you said, Hockey Night In Canada panel made some good points. In my eyes our captian and Gunner are good defenceman. Then you got Franson trying to cover up the mistakes Gardiner and Rielly make in every game. I love watching both play but right when they make a bad play, the more time the leafs end up playing in their own zone and eventually the habit carries throughout the entire team. Then leafs get tired of chasing and get penalties. If they have a stay at home D man I believe there play would improve because good defense creates offense.

  • STAN

    x = a new coach.

    And yes they are what they are. A middling bubble team who will be life and death to make the playoffs. Maybe they do……but as is tradition they probably won’t.

  • STAN

    X=Stay-at-home defence man or men.

    Andrew MacDonald. My pick is the hope the Isle continue to make poor decisions, which is probable, and not resign Andrew MacDonald.

    He is in the top defencemen for blocked shots every year, or at least the last few years. Logs 26mins a night for NYI (currently 6th in NHL TOI) and would help ease the pressure off Phaneuf and Gunnarsson. Play him on the 2nd pairing with Franson or Gardiner, whoever they have with him that night. You also get a new PKer on the backend.

  • Leaf Fan in Mexico

    X1 = D man x 2, but solid stay home with one O trait, good d zone and neutral zone passing

    X2 = Team leadership in Offensive zone, trade Kessel for someone who may score/assist less but will lead others to greater combined scoring on a more consistent basis.