• Jeremy Ian

    Awesome dude. That was the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

    BTW your right sit both those guys, its not like they winning with them so what’s the worst thing that happens, they lose twice in one game? A loss is a loss.

    Secondly, it is time for Carlyle to be out to pasture. He might know what is wrong with the Leafs but he sure as hell doesn’t know how to fix it. Try and save it now rather than go a year and a half to long like the did with Wilson.

  • STAN

    Very funny. No better way to make your points than through humour.

    It’s stunning that Fraser and Ranger keep playing over Liles and Rielly.

    Nonis and Carlyle made off-season tactical decisions that are killing this team. They totally undervalued Komarov, MacArthur, Scrivens and Frattin, and paid Grabbo to go away (with a HUGE payday) after miscasting him.

    What we’re seeing on the ice now is absolute chaos. It’s stunningly dysfunctional. And It is Carlyle’s fault, plain and simple.

    BTW, his “brain dead” comment was offensive.

  • MaxPower417

    Ranger has statistically been FAR and away the best penalty killer on the Leafs. We’ll see if that holds up over the whole season but he was also one of the leagues best penalty killers in Tampa so there is some reason to believe this is for real.

    Rangers: 4v5 SA/60 : 49.8
    Next best* is Kulemin: 57.45
    Next best D-man* is Gunnar: 64.65
    Leafs average: 62.50

    Additionally, if we look at 4v5 SF/60

    Ranger: 6.12
    Next best is Raymond: 4.68
    Next best D-man is Gunnar: 3.27

    *50 minute min

    The Corsi results are even more telling.

    Ranger: 82.71
    Next best – Raymond: 88
    Next best D – Franson: 108.81.

    108!! That’s 26 Corsi events per worse than Ranger! That’s pretty much a full shot attempt difference every single PK.


    Ranger: 10.7
    Raymond: 8.18
    Franson: 8.13

    So again, we’ll see if this is for real or not. But it appears that the Leafs best PKer so far this season hasn’t been McClement or Reimer or Bernier, it’s been Paul Freaking Ranger.