Nation Gear: So Hot Right Now

Our shirts are the shirt! Did you read that wrong? You have a dirty mind. The only way to clean it? Buy a shirt (or hoodie)!

The Leafs Nation is, along with the other sites throughout the Nations Network, selling some awesome new merch. Typically this was an honour reserved for the older sites throughout the network, but the rapid growth here at TLN (thanks to wonderful readers like you) has allowed us to join the big boys.

Before showing you what the shirts look like and shamelessly asking for your money, I should mention that a portion of the proceeds for all the items below will go to the Children’s hot lunch program at the Amiskwaciy Academy in Edmonton. Charity is extremely important to The Nations Network, so while we’re obviously happy to be selling some cool merch, it was very important for us to be giving back, as well.

Without further delay – CHECK THESE OUT!

Optimus Reim! There are at least a dozen different versions of the Optimus Reim mask out there in the interwebs, but this one is unique to The Leafs Nation. Our designer Dylan put his own special touch on this one. You might be asking yourself "Why does a massive titanium space robot need to wear a fiberglass goalie mask?" Because it looks awesome, that’s why.

Click here to activate Reim Teim

Check out this ballin’ hoodie! All black throughout with a sweet TLN logo on the back. You’ll note that the black, blue, and why hoodie will complement your new Optimus Reim shirt perfectly. If you’re interested in this hoodie, I suggest you ask fast! These hoodies will only be available for a few days. SALES END DECEMBER 8th. AGAIN – DECEMBER 8th.

If you want this awesome hoodie, or you know somebody equally awesome who would want one, click here.

#GRITCHART is a funny bit concocted by the crazies over at, but it’s extremely applicable to our beloved Leafs. Hell, you might know dudes in a beer league or something who this applies to perfectly. If you or someone you know is a big fan of truculence, hits, fights, and sandpaper, the #GRITCHART t-shirt is for you, my friend.

To carry around the #GritChart wherever you go so shmelts know what’s up, click here.

That’s what’s new and hot around here! We have lots of other merch to for the other sites here on The Nations Network, particularly Oilers Nation stuff, so if that interests you, click here.

Shipping takes 3-4 weeks within Canada & the US. If you’re outside Canada & the US, email

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