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  • CheezWhizard

    Why did the Leafs start the season so hot?

    I think part of it was that there was no Orr an McLaren.

    Now before you go thinking that I don’t want toughness in the lineup…I liked the play of Devane and Broll in the preseason. Those guys are tough, but they are better hockey players than Orr and McLaren. Both Broll and Devane have goals in the AHL. Broll has 5 points already.

    The guy lost in all of this is Sam Carrick. The guy has 9 points, +10 and is playing tough as nails in the AHL with 40 PIMs… 3 points in the last two games and a first star last game.

    Bring up some guys from the Marlies. Maybe a line of Broll, Carrick and Lievo.

    Plus give Liles and Brennan a shot.

    If you have a good farm team….use it!