• LonnyBohonos

    I genuinely think alot of the teams success last year was Orr and McClaren intimidating anyone who looked funny at the skill guys and I think Komarov is a hugely understated loss.

  • LonnyBohonos

    Im positive once this team gets to the win section, they will bounce back as a whole(well I hope so). Our captain is playing great but he needs to somehow boost up this leafs team.

  • Leaf Fan in Mexico

    You hit the nail on the head. There is less something WRONG with the team than there is something not quite RIGHT with them.

    Some comments that may or may not be linked but relate to your theme:

    1) Where is the hard to play against gritty type of team we were seeing early in the RC reign – the team lacks color and character (I like Kessel but this is him personafied…);

    2) We lack true leadership on and off the ice. I like how Dion plays (much of the time) but he is not a true leader (think Stevie Y, Doug Gilmour), I liked how Lupul was starting to lead last year, but he is ALWAYS injured,

    There are as of yet no other candidates for leadership role. I maintain we need a LEADER up front and not on the D.

    3) Leafs always do well first part of season until other teams begin to define themselves. Well defined teams with good leadership do well. Others do not.

    4) Character can inspire less talented teams to greater performance. Ultimately, I guess we have an uninspired around average team which when in a funk is not in the playoffs average team….

    5) Young goal tenders + plus below average D = too many shots and fragile confidence yielding inconsistent play as season wear out and stress mounts. These two are good but not seasoned enough for the ups and downs yet.


    1) Get RC to define team

    2) Get a leader up front (YES I am going to say it) probably an older vet….

    3) Get better defense corp deployment strategy.