The Steve Dangle Podcast – November 27, 2013 – Roger That!

On this episode, the guys talk about the massive Rogers deal, the Olympics, Steve’s brother John Tavares, and Gary Roberts.

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  • STAN

    I know this has nothing at all to do with anything. The past is the past. What’s done is done. Dah da da da da.


    Take note that LW Clarke MacArthur actually had some solid chops: 6G, 12A = 18 pts in 24 games. He’s PLUS 10 and filling more than 18 minutes a night. Oh, scoring m,ore than once every 10 shots… and he’s getting shots. 54.

    Leafs new DMIT (Big Man In Town) RW David Clarkson has 2G, 3A = 5 pts. in 15 games. He’s MINUS 3. He has 33 shots, which is nice, but is hitting the just 6 percent of the time. Playing about 17 minutes a game.

    His bonehead play that caused him to lose his stick and skate slowly back to the bench lead to Malkin’s tying goal. Just saying.

    Another quickie, just for the record.

    Useless C Mikhail Grabovski has 7G, 12A = 19 pts in 25 games, and is scoring on 20 percent of his 35 shots! Deadly. And, he’s doing this in just 15.36 per game.

    D’yeah think these miraculous turnarounds have caught the attention of Leiweke and Nonis? Do they even care? Perhaps a different (better) coaching staff would have recognized the cleveerly-disguised talent and potential that seems to have been discovered elsewhere.