• Martin and Scuderi injured soooo yes the defense blows because of this. Third line is ehhhhh… or just up in the air. Changes so much that I don’t care anymore. 4th line isn’t bad. Adams is good for a 4th liner same with Gibbons. Thank you and I mean thank you for talking about Letang. The guy has been blah this year. -8 and has 24 giveaways in 17 games. I know that doesn’t mean everything considering Karlsson has 39 giveaways in 24 games. But still Letang has not been playing well at all. Our team has been missing a solid third line since we lost staal, cooke, and kennedy. I agree we aren’t the best or even a good team as of right now but i think that will change soon. I hope shero trades Depres (were pretty much waisting his talent) or some other prospects for a player or players that could help bolster our third and 4th line more. I agree with everything you said. Great game sorry about the turn out.

  • MaxPower417

    I campaigned all offseason for Tom Gilbert and Ron Hainsey. One signed for 1 year 900k, the other for 1 year 2 mil and both are having great seasons on bad teams, like they have done their entire careers.

    Could the Leafs really not have topped those offers?

    Granted, I would make a terrible GM because I thought it would cost upwards of 5-6 million for the pair.