Leafs Are Bad, Lose 6-0 to Blue Jackets

Nothing gold can stay, or at least maintain a save percentage of .947.

James Reimer, starting for the second time in as many games, looked to prove that he can hold the net from Jonathan Bernier for an extended period of time. That didn’t go very well, as the visiting Columbus Blue Jackets managed to put six goals past Reimer on only 21 shots.

To be fair, it wasn’t all Reimer’s fault. A few of those he’d probably like to have back, but the Leafs in general looked like poop personified. 

The Rundown

I can’t relive this. I’m sorry. Just watch the video and cry and cry and cry.

Why the Leafs Lost

The Leafs lost because of everything. Every facet of their game failed to show up tonight… Kessel, Lupul, Kessel and JVR couldn’t generate anything… Fraser, Gardiner and Rielly couldn’t match the mighty Blue Jacket’s attack… and James Reimer was, as mentioned, bad.
Also, Tyler Bozak played in his first game since pulling a hammy. I mean, how can that be a coincidence, right? 

Blue Warrior

Dion Phaneuf played 23:08 and had a +/- of 0 in a 6-0 loss, and was only on the ice for a single power-play goal against. Now, he was in the box for a power-play goal against as well, but that’s because he as unfairly penalized for this beauty…


  • Joffrey Lupul limped off the bench at the end of the second period and didn’t return for the third. Coach Carlyle says it’s a groin pull, and the team is unsure of the severity. 
  • Mason Raymond and Nik Kulemin were the only Leafs who weren’t on the ice for a goal against.
  • Jonathan Bernier made one save on one shot in relief, for a save percentage of 1.000 SV%.
  • Kessel had a time-on-ice of 19:55, so maybe that wrist is all good? Let us pray.
  • Oh by the way, here’s what James Reimer would look like in different teams’ jerseys…


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  • STAN

    Excellent photoshop work.

    Sure Reimer wasn’t working the magic of the other night, but these were quality shots during 2 on 1’s as the leafs D just disappeared and no forwards came back to help out.

    The 49 he stopped Saturday were mostly soft and from the outside.

    What was so pathetic about this non-effort was that Columbus was ripe for the picking, given that they were missing 3 or 4 of their better players.


  • STAN

    I don’t know what is more disappointing, that Leaf loss or the law suit filed against the NHL today by Leeman Vaive and others. I mean I feel for guys with lasting injuries but at what point to people just need to realize what they are signing up for? Hockey is a collision sport, which these guys profited greatly from. The NHL tries to protect the players as much as possible but there will always be inherent risk there.

    • Jeremy Ian

      Perspective call!

      The Leaf loss was way more disappointing. Everyone but Raymond and Phaneuf sucked. Time for Carlyle to regroup; things have been spiraling for a while. Just pull the plug on the great goal-tending and voilà: unsustainable game plan. Not good when you have to rethink the strategy going into a brutal month.

      As for the lawsuit, what are you worried about? The plaintiffs’ charge against the NHL is of having knowingly covered up scientific data to mute any pressure to penalize the behaviour of enforcers. If the League is innocent, no big deal. If the League is guilty, the owners deserve to get milked for every penny to compensate injured players.

      What do you mean the “guys profited greatly from”? You mean that those wide-eyed, impoverished owners, flush from being victimized by their own lock-out and now forced to suck up their CBA-induced inflated assets (check out Forbes lately?), are just looking out for everyone’s best interest at the expense of their own? Punished by a bunch of random “guys”? Haven’t you learned anything from the history of the NHL’s crimes and misdemeanors? When Wendel Clark can remember Harold Ballard using his Evinrude mechanic as a trainer (and WC really liked the guy), you know there’s a systemic problem.

      Have a look (cut to 2:40):


      • Jeremy Ian

        I seem to have struck a nerve with you. Relax for a second and think rationally here. I’m not losing sleep over it but I am worried about the continued pansification of the game. It is so frustrating to see Phaneuf put a clean hit on Anisimov last night and get penalized for it. Even though this lawsuit doesn’t have a leg to stand on it still might push the NHL even further towards no hitting. I’m sure its no coincidence that this class action suit could only attract two legitimate former players, although some more might come out soon looking for a pay day. Do you think players go into the NHL thinking there are no dangers to their health? Give your head a shake. We still know very little about concussions, and people knew exponentially less when Vaive etc. Were playing. There is no way that the effects of concussions were hidden. They even switched to mandatory helmets around that time to protect the players.

        Also, Carlyle knows what he’s doing. The Leafs will be okay, just a bad outing last night.

        • Jeremy Ian

          Fair enough – I was really pissed this morning; I will never wake up in a different mood after my team plays such a crappy game.

          But… “pansification”? Really? These “guys” skate onto the ice wearing military-gauge kevlar, not leather.

          That call on Phaneuf had nothing to do with the lawsuit, which hinges on willful neglect of evidence. Yet, even in a “relaxed and rational” condition I have to correct you about your claims that “we know very little about concussions and people knew exponentially less when Vaive etc were playing.” This is simply untrue.

          1. Neurosurgeons have been cataloguing this for decades. It’s even mentioned in the Hippocratic Corpus in Latin as “concutere.” That we only have an agreed international classification for mild traumatic brain injuries since 1992 is precisely because there has been so much work on it. Which brings me to…..

          2. The point is that the League’s conflict of interest governing MTBI has led to a lack of confidence that the organization of owners — sometimes in collusion with the NHLPA — considers scientific evidence when it makes rules. The fact is, neuroscientists did know and were warning that this was pandemic; yet the league only initiated its concussion program in 1997. And unwillingly. They only did so because they saw lawsuits imminent. Talk about self-fulfilling prophecies.

          This case is so overdetermined (multiple causes leading to the same outcome), I am amazing it took this long. The NFL settled its class action suit in August to address the 4,500 (!@#!) players suffering from the disease because the evidence was overwhelming that the NFL had to accept a payment of $765 million (!@#!) in order to resolve this out of court and thereby keep the files locked up. Part of the deal was the cover up the dossiers of the so-called MTBI Committee which was chaired — for over a decade — by a rheumatologist! The NHL’s track record is no better, believe me.

          People were saying the same things about the NFL that one hears about the NHL — owners look out for the players’ well-being. Not even the most gullible player believes that. Especially in this business whose trademark is the worst management-player relations of all professional sports.

          Are Vaive et al doing this for pay day? Sure, maybe. But this lawsuit has been coming for years, and is exactly what the league expected. When a business has an incentive in denying evidence, the breezy rhetoric of benevolence of the owners is just hot air. This is the relaxed and rational view.

  • STAN

    Realistically, I feel bad for reimer because he should have been pulled after the 3rd goal he allowed on I think 11 shots or there abouts. He was left out to dry for the rest of the game.

  • STAN

    Hey #34 Not a leaf fan, but a Reimer fan, and wherever you go we will follow and you will be better for it…
    God Bless and here goes another session of bench sitting as Bernier will now run with it…

    Anyone notice the smirk on Bernier during the game? sure looked like he was having a moment regarding Reimer…little does he know the leaf fans will trun on him just have they have on Reimer as soon as he drops the ball which hes done a number of games now…

  • STAN

    Eventually, and ultimately, this MUST come down to coaching. The system they play can’t be an accident or a result of collective incompetence. Can it?

    Perhaps they can swing a deal for Babcock or Quenville.