Peter Holland draft interview from 2009


Before reading our full analysis of this trade, if I may walk down memory lane…

I wrote for a show called RBC Junior Hockey Magazine hosted by TSN’s Gino Reda during the 2008-09 junior hockey season. It was my first ever paid gig in the industry. After having a young projected first rounder by the name of Peter Holland on the show, Peter agreed to be one of the first athletes I had ever interviewed on my YouTube channel.

My questions are cringe-worhty and douche-tacular, but was a much better interviewee than I was an interviewer. Here’s my interview with a young, undrafted Peter Holland from the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

Another little tidbit…

Here’s Holland working on his skating with Barb Underhill before she became the Leafs’ skating consultant. Now Holland is a Leaf. Coincidence???…Yes. 100%. Still cool, though.

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