• I just watched the hit on Backstrom. Im more or less sure that Kadri didnt go in there with the intent of taking out Backstrom but he could have made more of an effort to dodge the golie. Basically, I wouldn’t argue against a suspension as that hit was either preventable or the damage could could have been reduced. I think Kadri, and other players should take this as a lesson. Hockey is a sport, Id rather see players make great passing plays or something than run someone over. I’m a Leafs fan by the way.

  • Three games is what he gets and it doesn’t seem unreasonable. I agree the second hit wasn’t as bad as it first looked. I don’t fault the refs since they don’t have instant replay. It should have been a two minute boarding call but I can live with the five and a game. The Backstrom hit was just plain bad. There is no way to spin this other than he did exactly what he meant to do. Run over the goalie.

    It does bother me that both Kulemin and Grabovski before him are held to different standards. Basically Kulemin and Clarkson are the same player except Clarkson fights. . Neither will ever score 30 again but they have other attributes. I just don’t see Clarkson being any more than he is a moderately talented grinder. He is an excellent third line player, too bad the Leafs are paying him like he is a first liner.