LFR7 – Game 17 – Loston – Tor 1, Bos 3


Dotcha love it when the Leafs play the Bruins?

The Leafs injuries are starting to show, and Paul Ranger is starting to remind me of a lost child in a mall.


Post Game Post

  • Lest we forget. I’m 47, so even an old guy like me wasn’t around for any Canadian wars, except for the Peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, and our very limited roles in Gulf war 1 and Afghanistan. So anyone born in the last 12 yrs can remember the sacrifice of Canadian soldiers (180 approx died in Afghanistan). But it is not just the dead we remember it’s the living who have to live with the memories and horrors of war, of losing friends, of having to take another person’s life, and the damage that can do. Glad I never went to war, and don’t want Canada ever to go to war again, unless it is in the most dire of circumstances. Regarding lest we forget, I think you miss the point, it’s not just remembering the people who died per say, but remembering the fact that a generation(s) before us went off to war to fight, to die, to be wounded, because if we do forget, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. We may not have been around during the 2 big wars, or Korea, but, lest we forget that in an earlier time, a time of dire circumstances, that Canada went to war, over one million of us in WW2, of which 60,000 did not return. From a country of only 10 million at the time. Lest we forget the sacrifice of our country in war, all wars. Even if we don’t know anyone that went to war or who were lost or damaged, lest we forget that our country did, and does go to war, lest we forget that we at times must go to war, lest we forget, that wars happen and when they do, Canadians step into the breach, to protect our nation, it’s allies, and our ideals. Ideals of freedom from despots and madmen. Lest we forget, for if we do, we shall repeat the errors of the past. Lest we forget the price paid when the last option is war. Lest we forget that the price paid, for we never want to pay it again. The History channel has many great programs this weekend, mostly Canadian themed. There is a lot to learn from those shows. They are sad, interesting and most or worst of all, true. I shall remember an Uncle I never knew, who was shot out of the sky from his Lancaster bomber, survived, made it home, but died before I was born. I shall also think of those lost in the current quagmire we are in in Afghanistan, even if most of the fighting by Canadians is finished. May we never send our young people to war again. Lest we forget the lessons of history. Let us remember them.

    P.S. I think Ranger is coming along, each 5 games is better than the last, he might not make it up as high as top 2 pairing, but he’s an effective defender who will continue to improve.