LFR7 – Game 15 – Boll’d Over – Tor 0, Van 4

Worst game of the season? Dave Bolland’s out? WHY DID THEY GO TO VANCOUVER???


Post Game Post

  • I was thinking of Kuli at C as well. Would like to see that big body in front of the net, I bet he’s hard to move. Would also like to see a little more aggressiveness from him, not hitting, I mean thinking offence, but hitting would be good too. I seem to remember him having a good shot at one point and he had a bunch of goals last year playing in Magnitogorsk. Fav Bure? Just being at work at night and looking forward to seeing his highlights on SC when I got home.

  • Very solid game by the Canucks. Loved watching the Bure retirement and seeing Lu get a shutout. The CBC homers, the moronic Laffs fans in the crowd and the dirty play of the Leafs could not put a damper on a big day for the Nucks!

      • Really? Are you seriously trying to one up me by using the Cup angle? Really? Most people on here were not alive when the Leafs last won the Cup, including me! What I have been alive for is: years of the Leafs being force-fed to people in Canada; CBC’s Leaf bias (even Jim Hughson has become a Leaf homer); years of awful hockey from the Leafs. They did ok in a short season so maybe they’ll provide some entertainment in the near future…maybe…

        I, like many others, don’t watch HNIC except when the Canucks play and tend to avoid NHL on the Toronto Sports Network for similar reasons. Anyway, loved the game on Sat.

    • John67

      Seriously, man? Good game by Lou and the Canucks, terrible Leafs game, but why are you even here? This isn’t a communal NHL site; you’re actually going out of your way to a DIFFERENT team’s blog to troll them? And to complain about how everyone pays too much attention the leafs? Tell me you understand the irony here!

      Go celebrate beating the big, evil Leafs on Canucks Army. I’m sure it’s the biggest celebration you guys are having since one of your players managed to stay upright after getting nudged.

  • STAN

    Just a thought here about value and value for money.

    The Burke-Nonis regime has decided, based on pay stubs, that Phil Kessel is their most valuable player, Dion Phaneuf is #2, Lupul #3A, Clarkson #3B, JvR #5 and Bozak #6.

    Now, I’d argue that JvR is the most improved Leaf this season and should be slotted it at number 2 in value. Thus, he’ll need a new deal. He’s certainly worth more than Lupul and Clarkson. It’s not even close.

    Looks like Phaneuf will get a raise to $7M per, but he’s already overpaid at $6.5.

    I know Burke anointed him a saviour and an all-star and tossed a C on his sweater, but that doesn’t mean much when your numbers suck and you tend to make at least 3-4 boneheaded plays per game. Now, I admit that he’s a little better so far this season, but watching one of the Sedins undress him in the corner the other night was laughable.

    It’s like the owner of the Flyers making Paul Holmgren a GM and giving him an unlimited budget. It doesn’t make him competent, and Holmgren has been proving that for years.

    But I digress.

    I’d say Phaneuf is the 6th or 7th most valuable Leaf.

    JvR is a much better skater than last season, looks stronger and can pass shoot and (wait for it!!) BACKCHECK. I think slotting him in at centre makes a lot of sense.

    JvR is underpaid in relation to those around him. By about $2-$3M.

    JvR between Kessel and Lupul, Mason Raymond with Kadri and Kulemin, Bozak centring Clarkson and Ashton on a “gritty” checking line and McClement between Ashton and Orr/McLaren.

    This, as Dave Bolland recovers. When he comes back, put him with Raymond and Kadri, (I know, Bolland and Kadri are both centres) and drop Kulemin to the third line with Bozak and Clarkson.

    Raymond is the steal of the year, probably in their top 4, but making less than many rookies. Reimer and Bernier aren’t far behind in the bang-for-buck department. There’s a case to be made for Reimer being their best player, with the 14th cheapest contract on the team.

    I think most would agree that Clarkson is the most overpaid. I have seen him make absolutely no difference to this team in his first 5 games. None. In fact, I would wager that there’s no GM in the league who would even take him in trade, without the Leafs pay a LOT of that salary.

    Nonis now has to figure out whether Raymond gets a decent 3-4 year deal in the $4M per range, what to do with Ranger (he’s looked very shaky in the first 15 games), and do you possibly package Gardiner with someone to get a starting centre (because Stuart Percy looked like he was ready in pre-season play)?

    Thanks for reading my little Sunday evening rant.

    • Okay, no. JVR to center is a horrible idea, just because he’s producing on the wing it doesn’t mean he can just switch to number one center. Kadri and Bolland together is a horrible idea too, both are needed at center and playing one on the wing is a complete waste. It baffles me how you can constantly write so much yet continue to say things of such small intelligence.

      But I digress.

      Now the Phaneuf thing is just straight up ridiculous, not only is he easily our second best player, a case can be made to say he’s number one. Dion is the complete package, he plays the most on the team by far, he can contribute offensively and lead the rush, is solid defensively against the leagues best players every night, quarterbacks the power play, leads the penalty kill, hits everything that moves and is our captain. People whine about him because he’s not completely perfect every single second he’s on the ice and it’s crazy. No other defenseman on the team could take his place and do what he does night in night out, and while he’s struggled at times over the past few years… He’s been a force this season. He needs to be our number one priority to sign.

  • STAN


    I have no respect for a poster who refers to the team as “our”. It shows there is no impartiality, a built-in positive bias and, hence, not a lot of sense or perspective.

    Your arguments for Phaneuf may as well have been written by a Nonis flack.

    And to say professional hockey forwards can’t move around from wing to centre, or vice versa, and still be effective makes no sense.

    • STAN

      So you have no respect for someone who has watched the leafs since before they could walk, and has developed a strong bond to the team? How backwards of you. So because someone bleeds blue and white you dismiss my opinion as “Nonis flack”, did you forget that you’re on a leafs fan page?

      How does that make no sense? Anyone who’s played the game knows that there are many different responsibilities for each position, and the jump is never easy… especially for a young player. That move would be a huge negative in the long run.

      I wish I could cuff you on the head for all these stupid remarks.

      But I digress.

  • STAN

    It is one thing to disagree with someone’s opinion, another to get personal. (“small intelligence”)

    You got personal, and so I responded in kind with my “no respect” offering.

    Lifelong Blue & White bleeders (like you) might pay attention to several others who have “played the game” and perhaps have a bit more credibility when it comes to assessing positional play and potential.

    i.e.; Joffrey Lupul, who was elegant in making it clear to mic-holders that NHL level players have no issue with sliding to a different position. They are talented and professional.

    By the way, just because I don’t wave Blue & White pom-poms each time Randy Carlyle speaks and avoids enlightening those useless mic-holders, doesn’t mean they don’t care and want the Leafs to succeed.

    So. I still think trying Bolland with Kadri, at least in practice, makes a lot of sense. You just never know who will click, regular positions be damned.

    I’ll continue to write, engage and express opinions that might not be welcomed in a Glee Club, but are essential for intelligent, thoughtful discourse.

    I won’t make it personal.