Leafs postgame – Leafs lose composure, David Bolland, and 4-0 game in Vancouver

Well, that wasn’t a particularly good outing, but I have to imagine that at the end of the season when we’re looking over times when we could have expected more out of the Maple Leafs, we won’t be pointing at this recent road trip. The Maple Leafs took two of three games, and you can blame the West Coast game, or the long ceremony, or whatever, but in the end the effort the Leafs showed against the Vancouver Canucks was inexcusable. Both teams played in the same conditions on the same rink.

Remember, the last time the Maple Leafs laid an egg on national television on a Saturday night, Toronto came back and won three straight four out of five. The sun will rise in the East tomorrow, the sky is still up in the sky, and the Leafs are still 10-5. While the game was disappointing on a number of levels, probably the only real regrettable thing is that the Leafs may have lost David Bolland for a significant amount of time on an unfortunate hit in the corner.

The final was 4-0 for Vancouver, despite James Reimer’s best efforts.


The game started with perhaps the lone positive sequence for the Maple Leafs. After the Canucks managed to get a two-on-one, James Reimer made consecutive, highlight-reel saves off of Mike Santorelli, Chris Higgins and Alex Burrows in a seven second sequence:

But that may have been it. That third stop on Burrows was particularly flashy. It looked like Burrows had the whole net to shoot at, and he’s generally been good in his career at burying chances like those. Reimer never quit on the play and made the save right on the goal-line.

The referees had to review the play, but I have to imagine that was just Wes McCauley and Frederick L’Ecuyer telling the war room “you gotta check out this stop”.

But yeah, that was pretty much it. Nazem Kadri took a pretty light penalty on Ryan Kesler, and the Canucks scored eight seconds into the powerplay. In the first period, the Canucks out-shot the Leafs 18-11 but held just the 1-0 lead after one, and this appeared to be a game, like we’ve seen many times before, where the Leafs would overcome a slim deficit and take over in the final 40. Not so.

The most regrettable sequence came in the second period. Zack Kassian steered David Bolland into the corner and in the process, inadvertedly stepped on Bolland’s ankle. With Bolland on the ice and unable to move, Kassian wound up scoring on the play. Bolland left the game and didn’t return, and the update we had was that he was out with a leg laceration, which is not very fun. UPDATE – He’ll have immediate surgery in Vancouver. That’s an injury that can put a player out anywhere from multiple weeks to multiple months, and with Tyler Bozak out, Toronto doesn’t exactly have a lot of centre depth to compensate.

The Canucks scored again, this time it was Higgins on a two-on-one, but the real story of the second period was chippy play and cheap hits from both sides. Frazer McLaren took six minutes in minor penalties, Phil Kessel took a minor for unsportsmanlike conduct and Colton Orr had a remarkably useless fight against Vancouver’s soup can Tom Sestito.

The third was more of the same. Dumb penalties, and the Canucks just wore the Leafs down with puck-possession. After out-shooting Toronto 18-11 in the first period, Vancouver had 29 shots in the final two periods to 10. Reimer’s performance is the only reason this game was even close, and despite allowing 4 goals, Reimer got a “quality start” on the night.


Argh. Penalties. Even though the PK was effective, holding the Canucks to one powerplay goal on 11:58 of 5-on-4 time and held the Canucks scoreless on a 2-minute long 5-on-3, the penalties really hamper a team’s ability to generate some offence. In the sequences where it looked like Toronto had something, Roberto Luongo stood tall for the Canucks. Luongo made two wonderful saves off of Phil Kessel from tight areas, and another one James van Riemsdyk from close in. I think he had a hand in keeping the Canucks ahead, particularly towards the end of the second when the Leafs mounted their only sustained possession on the night.

But the whole team came unglued, we can all agree? Kessel fought Burrows in the first period, stupidly, and despite Brian Burke’s poetic editorial in the USA Today talking about how enforcers hold the rats like Kassian in the league accountable, none of that response was evident. Orr fought a soup can, and McLaren couldn’t have been more useless in the second period had he tried.


Poor Reims. Stopped 43 shots, and his reward is his first loss of the season and a 4.00 goals against average.


  • Toronto can’t keep playing like this, but it’s not like they’ve been outshot 47-21 in every game this season. The 26-shot spread was the biggest on the season, which I guess is a positive? Like, this is as bad as it can get?
  • Kessel had five shots on goal. After taking a pass from behind the net and shooting it right at Luongo’s crest (it didn’t look like he got all of it) he looked furious and was about to slam his stick into the post before he held back. At least nobody will be able to question his intensity in this game, but I always prefer more shots on goal to poorly-channeled anger.
  • The only other Leaf with more than two shots on goal was David Clarkson.
  • It’s just one game. If you were of the opinion that the Maple Leafs were a playoff team before this game, a single observation shouldn’t change that assessment.

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  • beloch

    Let me preface this by saying that the Leafs did not deserve to win the game, but it needs to be mentioned that the Canucks turn their backs to the play more than any other team I’ve seen. There were three penalties late in the game where Rather than protecting themselves, the Canucks turn their backs to an oncoming checker to protect the puck or draw a penalty. The Mclaren hit on Edler was especially terrible, as Edler basically bent over and ran himself head first into the boards. This is getting to be a common theme across the league, and more players are going to get hurt bc of it.

  • millzy09

    This is the leaf team I have been expecting to show up consistently given their weak Corsi. I wouldn’t blame the the refs or road trip but simply regression to the mean as many of us have been predicting for the leafs. But it is nice to see that these stats work and especially with the score lining up with the leafs shot differential and effort.

    And Kadri looks completely outmatched playing with Kessel as a 1C. He needs to develop his game because he does not yet have the talent to play the 1C level against difficult competition. In fact, his Corsi (13%) tonight does not speak kindly of his game. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Bozak is a superior option with Kessel as terrible as Bozak is and especially with Bolland injured. Get well soon Bozak.

  • STAN

    This game was a testiment of the true leafs, they will go downhill from here. This is their turning point on their so far “lucky start” to the season. The biggest soar losers in the league, it shows with all the cheap shots. Trademark of this team. You deserve what you get.

  • STAN

    This reminded me of a Ron Wilson team. No system, no puck possession, no real effort to get the puck, but a lot of half-speed skating watching the Canucks move around with ease.

    5 on 5 it looked like the Canucks had the man advantage for much of the night.

    Watching one of the Sedins with the puck move around Phaneuf in the corner to Reimer’s left and almost have a clear path to the net was insane.

    When you watch these guys it makes you wonder if they EVER actually practice anything worthwhile. Y’know, like crisp hard passes, maintaing possession during shift changes instead of predictably dumping it in and non-chalantly giving the other team possession.

    47 shots against. How is that even possible? The Oilers are bad, but I don’t think they give up that many shots. Thank gawd for Reimer and Bernier.

    Oh well. They have 6 days to think about that humiliating display on national TV.

    Meantime, they really need a proper centreman. Bolland is probably gone for at least two months. Bozak another week or two. McClement seems to be their next choice for the second line, while Kadri is still their best option between JvR and Kessel.

  • millzy09

    I spent a lot of hard earned money to attend this game. From my vantage point the only Leafs that showed up to play tonight were Reimer and Lupul. What a shame. At least to win a hockey game and not run around like idiots, save for Lupul’s automatic 10 game suspension on the Kadri elbow. Can’t say they didn’t bring intensity of some description though.

    I will agree with the comment above about Canucks turning their backs. It happened a lot and it’s pretty scary.

    I hope Bolland’s injury won’t be a near season ender, a la karlsson, otherwise that’s a lot of picks for 15 games (4th rounders or not) if he doesn’t re-sign. That will be a tough hole to fill in the lineup.

    Six days off, learn defense…

    • millzy09

      “From my vantage point the only Leafs that showed up to play tonight were Reimer and Lupul.”

      Maybe I am biased but I thought Mayray had a good game. Had speed, gained the zone, but had little support. You guys got a good deal with him. He needed a change of scenery. Hopefully you all know the Mayray drinking game.

      • STAN

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he lose his check on Kassian’s goal?

        I didn’t see the good game from him that you saw.

        Reimer was really the only Leaf who showed up for most of the game, Canucks probably should’ve scored 6 or 7 goals.

  • millzy09

    I’m not too worried about the leafs here. Randy just needs to get the team back to identity with their counter attack strategy and tough to play against style.

    Then the leafs can focus on pushing opponents shots to the outside to low quality areas. And work on outchancing the other team by generating quality scoring chances especially on the counterattack.

  • millzy09

    Here I’ll start the chant now since we all know it’s going to happen “na na na na hey hey hey goodbye!!!!!!!” and on another note randy carlyle you are no match for John Tortarella. Face it your team Was, Is and always will be garbage, soar losers who just can’t play hockey.

    • STAN

      Okay, I’m sorry but I have to say something.

      Playoffs. One word, not two.

      Soar – to fly. So, you’re a complete idiot.

      Cheap shots by the leafs? Zero. Coward Canuck players turning their back to every hit? I saw about ten at least. Kassian on Bolland might have been a dirty play but there’s no way to prove that.

      You’re not a nucks fan, but you come to a leafs site to talk about how much they suck? Except they’re 10-5, and did great last year too… Awkward.

      Or you’re saying they’ve always sucked? Funny, I think we may have a few more rings the Vancouver.

      Get a life.

        • STAN

          Hey pretty boy mind your own beeswax. First of all cheap shots are how the leafs operate and always have especially when they are losing. The caucus turned their backs a) cause there’s no real challenge anyway and b) it drew penalties just like the dumb leafs were suppose to do. Kessel should of got knocked out he was too generous with him. And 10-5 is not good at all you donkey. You think they did good last year WOW!!!! Knocked out first round real good that is. Ohhhh I forgot it’s the leafs we’re talking about that’s a big deal I guess. LMFAO!!!

          • STAN

            Beeswax. Donkey. Caucus?

            Alright child.

            Any examples of cheap shots by leafs?

            “No real challenge anyway” Not even going to touch that one, pure stupidity based off how hard some of the leafs hit.

            “It drew penalties” Well what a Vancouver way to do so, turn your back and go down easy. This isn’t soccer champ.

            10-5 isn’t good, the fact that you said this confirms my fear that you were repeatedly dropped on your head as an infant. Whatever you say, and yeah it is a pretty big deal seeing as how no other team went to game 7 with Boston until Chi town knocked them out.

            I’d much rather be a leafs fan then cheering for two ginger sisters who have already proven they can’t show up for the playoffs.

            But that’s right, you’re “not a nucks fan”. You just sit on random team sites trolling all day.

            Translation: Loser.

          • STAN

            Ha ha ha ha I love it!!! Lmao. You moron are the reason this team sucks so bad.. stop crying it’s ok just face it you will realise it sooner than later. Lol let me know when u come to your senses and put a vancouver jersey on. Oh and wake me up if they ever win the cup like they have how many years ago???? Sorry can’t remember!! You goof WAKE UP YOU GUYS SUCK.

          • STAN

            Ha ha ha ha I love it!!! Lmao. You moron are the reason this team sucks so bad.. stop crying it’s ok just face it you will realise it sooner than later. Lol let me know when u come to your senses and put a vancouver jersey on. Oh and wake me up if they ever win the cup like they have how many years ago???? Sorry can’t remember!! You goof WAKE UP YOU GUYS SUCK.

          • STAN

            Yeah, because the fans totally control the outcome of the game?

            Jeez someone get this guy a straightjacket before he hurts himself.

            And so you are a Vancouver fan, I can’t remember your last cup either.

            Btw how about that Schneider trade

          • STAN

            Lupul’s intended elbow in Sedin that took out Kadri was kinda dirty if you’re looking for examples.

            Also Kassian’s hit was unfortunate for it’s pretty ridiculous to suggest he intended to cut Bolland.

  • STAN

    Nonis has handled this season terribly by buying out Grabbo and even worse trading a cheap Colborne. For me the worst part is he let Connolly walk for nothing. Now that the leafs lost Bozie and Bolly to injury Nonis has only himself to blame for his ineptitude.

    Fire Nonis (and Carlyle) before its too late and they try to trade Gardiner and Reimer for Ott. The best plan is to tank now and aim draft well.

  • STAN

    LOL, lots of trolls on the board today. On the bright side they took 4 of 6 pts on the Western rd. Trip. Vancouver is an ok team, but not as good as the tired and over penalized Leafs made them look last night. They seem to need losses like that every once in a while to get back on track.

    • STAN

      Big deal they got lucky. Remember luck always runs out. Bottom line the whole organization reeks!! Stop the cheap shots and take your losses like men not soar losing baby’s because there will be lots more to come. I Don’t even think they will make the play offs. ONCE AGAIN lol.

      • STAN

        Dude if you’re gonna talk trash at least learn to spell. It’s sore not soar unless you’re referring to the lofty heights the Leafs currently occupy as in first overall in the eastern conference.

        Sucks hard about Bolland. That is going to a large hole to fill. Too bad Nonis got rid of Colborne. He might have had a chance to shine. Going to be interesting seeing where Leafs go from here. Some obvious holes in their game that are going to have to be fixed or we will see more such spankings when playing elite teams. Just think we have 4 games against Detroit to go yet and they play a very similar game to Van.

        PS. What cheap shots are we talking about? The only players who got hurt were all Leafs.

        • STAN

          Uh dude I guess you weren’t watching the same game. How many boarding hits did u see, I saw lots. To me those are cheap shots if I were on the ice I would of cracked my stick over carlyle’s back for I’m sure that was all his doing.

          • STAN

            And for the record they aren’t first. Shows how much you know. They are starting to slide and are about to lose the floor underneath them. My guess is they WILL NOT MAKE THE PLAY OFFS as they are so accustomed to anyway lmao!!!

          • STAN

            Man does the tinfoil hat work better in the winter than a toque? If you’re gonna call every time a penalty is called on a Canuck a cheap shot you’re in for a long year. Elder turned into Maclaren, that was simply a case of a much bigger man running over a tiny little man. The other hits were definitely penalties. But if they were true cheap shots there would have been some injured players. In every case the Leaf player pulled up and didn’t drive the Van guy into the boards.

            I’m curious as to why you cheer for the Canucks. Obviously, you believe that the NHL is out to get your poor persecuted little ‘nucks. If that’s the case then the NHL will never allow them to win. So why would you choose to cheer for a team that can never hope to win? Seems like a poor choice to me. Make better life choices son.

          • STAN

            First of all let me clarify this. I am no canuck fan. In fact I am not a fan at all. I only enjoy watching the leafs get their butt’s handed to them. So I know I am showing my age here cause their butt’s have been burned since the beginning of time and will continue to do so. You moron fans are the true idiots for wasting your time with this wanna be team. So the jokes on you bud. LMAO!!!!!

          • STAN

            So your not a fan of the Canucks. Well at least you’re getting smarter because I wouldn’t want to admit that either. Remember son, the first step to solving a problem is to admit you have a problem.

            Friendly tip, you should change the tin foil every couple of weeks or else the voices will return. Judging by your comments you might be a couple of days late.

  • STAN

    Lol, hey at least I use tin foil and not ice packs. Hahaha lmao! Have a good one this is getting to imature for me. Bud enjoy your stinkin leafs for the rest of the season. It will be a short one.

  • STAN

    JP, you need to get back to the dictionary or English class if you want any of your poorly attempted and weak chirps to make us consider them as threats. Whole board is laughing at you, particularly your age!

  • STAN

    Hey MULE!! It’s not my spelling it’s called new age technology. And I’m glad their laughing I’m giving them something else to laugh about other than their leafs performance.

  • STAN

    Change the chant to “go wanna be’s go” lol. You and your team are a big friken joke have been for 50+ years.. carlyle learned something from Tortarella last night. Hey at least I hope he did. Hockey 101 “this is a stick” “this is a puck” not even the basics could save these guys. Lmao!!!!!

  • STAN

    Yup a vancouver fan just for now, I’ll be a jersey fan soon, too. Watching the laughs play is like watching a flock of seagulls fight for a french fry in a parking lot. Lots of skill there lol. Don’t get me going man!!!!!!! Lmao! Just face the facts you don’t have a team!!! And yah 10-5 is nothing spectacular dude come talk to me when u only lose 1 game like Chicago did last year. Now there’s a real team.. GOOF!!!!!! Laugh at the laughs like everyone’s been doing for years. Lol

  • STAN

    Sorry guys for all the trolling earlier, the girl that I love friendzoned me yesterday and I just need to vent somewhere. Unbelievable that we can know each other for twelve years and now she won’t even answer my calls. You can be so nice to a girl , and do everything for her, but she’ll just turn around and bang some douchebag instead. Women.

  • STAN

    JP doesn’t speak for all of us Canucks fans. The Leafs have been reminiscent of the CuJo days — lots of shots against, goal scorers find a way to make a difference. It must be a nice change of pace for Leafs fans.

    All of that said, don’t go whining about the better team taking the night off and the Canucks simply being lucky. We all watched the same game. The Leafs were run out of Vancouver. At no point was the game ever really close. And the diving mumbo jumbo is really weak. If Vancouver’s reputation is such as you suggest (and it is) why don’t teams better prepare for it rather than whining about it after the fact?

    How stupid is that?

    Your team’s defensive woes are something Carlyle is going to have to fix. It was really easy for the Canucks to enter the zone time after time without much in the way of resistance.

    That said, there are some gifted players on this team of yours. Kessel, Kadri (who played half-ass) Lupul, Rielly and Pha-Goof all bring a little something that is fun to watch.

    Problem is, most of those guys mentioned spent the game watching james Reimer bail them out.

    Best of luck the rest of the way 🙂

    (P.S. The Schnieder trade is working out just fine. We got a great future two-way centre and Luongo, the guy we kept, just shut out the Leafs. All in all it`s going as well as can be expected).