LFR7 – Game 11 – Lost in Lumbus – Tor 2, CBJ 5


That face sums it up, right?

David Clarkson’s big debut was spoiled as the Blue Jackets just out-played the Leafs. What’s up with the first periods, bro?

Post Game Post

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  • MaxPower417

    Please please please let “the flu” not be Maple Leaf speak for “concussion symptoms”.

    Sometime I feel like Dr. Nick is the team doctor for the Leafs.

    • MaxPower417

      Max, Dr. Nick…Perfect way to describe the Leafs medical staff, that is bang on! Sadly, I’m not awake and gave you a thumbs down, but I gave you a thumbs up after, so ignore the one “trash” you got. Sorry about that.