LFR7 – Game 8 – Bernier Blooper – Car 3, Tor 2

The face says it all.

Of course the Leafs, right? Of course.



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  • MaxPower417

    Yeah, the whole “Reimer is injury prone” thing has always bugged me, as it has with some other players. Repeated ligament damage or muscle strains are injury prone. Knees to the head are not injury prone any more than taking a puck to the face is injury prone. Yeah, he’s injured, but so is EVERYONE who deals with that.

  • MaxPower417

    Burke get an A- for his drafting, that goes up to an A if Biggs turns out (I’m thinking not). Can I vote twice for no touch icing. I have several reasons, health of the players is one but the really big thing for me is the flow of the game. %99 of the time its a puck sliding down the ice, 12 players are on the ice too, but only one is moving his legs. It’s boring and in a game with lots of whistles (puck over the glass, offsides, goalie smothering the puck, and icings), it kills the flow of the game. Well here is one way to speed it up, no touch. It’s refreshing when I watch International hockey to see that. That’s the biggest reason for me, that and I don’t like watching guys writhe on the ice after snapping their femur in several places.