• MaxPower417

    I hear what your saying about being outshot. But at the end of the day, it IS all about quality chances, and that is the big difference with Carlyle. That wasn’t exactly the case last night, because we gave up 2 breakaways which hasn’t been happening very often since Carlyle came in as coach. But in the past, if Wilson was coach and we gave up 37 shots, it wouldn’t matter if it was Reimer or Bernier, there would be 4 or 5 goals against. The reason was because of bad penalty killing, and giving up odd man breaks or breakaways. Not giving up those high percentage chances, and nothing in the slot or close to the net is the reason we can give up allot of shots and keep winning (like i said this game is a bad example, cause we did give up 2 breakaways). That combined with a great power play can win you games (again another bad example, cause the goalie we faced was terrible, but there is a good chance we still could’ve won this game 2-1 even with a better opposing goalie).

    thats my take on the whole issue. And Carlyle was right in saying they have to be better, but hes going to say that regardless. In this case its the absolute truth, but on most nights when we’re outshot & win, we actually played our gameplan well, didn’t give up great quality chances. Carlyle is always going to say we didnt do well, we need to improve, BECAUSE he doesn’t want his players to get complacents, he always wants them to think they can do much better & keep improving (cause they can, but likely not as much as hes making it sound)

  • Leaf Fan in Mexico

    great vid…. as the season progresses its going to be interesting to see if the Leafs can tighten the screws as will many other teams. Lets face it, every team is a bit loosy goosy right now, but only the good teams will get their game together… we should see this happening in about 10 games or so… Leafs will or will not, the are no exception. To do this, I don’t see any big challenges up front, we have lots of talent there, maybe not the primo-super-star-talent other teams gave but we got more depth of talent than many two teams combined. My fear: defense. I love both Reilly and Gardiner, but not both at once, one raw guy at a time please. And much as I love Dion (on his good days), he is not consistent enough, certainly not enough to lead the other guys (if Dion can do that why cant I???)… I would die for a couple super solid stay at homes who can steady the d troops a bit. I dont like saying this, but send Rielly down but do it right, swallow the $ and send him where he belongs: the Marlies.

    BTW Steve although you are the only video guy i watch regularly you are funny and smart but your Spanish sucks… can you say Muchas (not muchos) gracias… Later