#SadDangle Photo Contest

Last week, Steve Dangle got really sad and pouty over the Leafs’ lost to the visiting Colorado Avalanche – Toronto’s only loss of the season so far.

Instead of being a good friend, and offering any form on consolation, I superimposed Steve’s sad and pouty face on other photographs, hoping to embarass and demean him. You know, for fun.

Now, I’m offering all TLN readers the opportunity to do the same. Use the below image of #SadDangle to create your own hilarious photographs, and email them to stevedanglepodcast@gmail.com. Feel free to also post them to Twitter, and use the hashtag #SadDangle so we can find you.

We will post the best submissions later this week, and our grand prize winner will receive a personal email from Steve himself, wherein he will reveal just so much the photo made him laugh and cry. 

Happy humiliating!


P.S. Here is some inspiration…