LFR7 – Game 4 – No Time To Panic – Col 2, Tor 1


The Leafs suffered their first loss of the season and Jake Gardiner might be getting traded. Excuse me while I panic and cry and barf.

Post Game Article

  • Trade Bozak+Gardiner ($5M capspace) for a better #1 Centre?

    If not Trade/Package Gardiner for a minute eating Defencemen. We need to have a back up plan for Dion in case we don’t get him re-signed. Because so far, as much as I hate to say it…No one on our roster is quite ready to step up for that role.

  • Marc-Andre Fleury


    Seriously though, I think Devin Dubnyk, despite his rough start this year, is a lot better than people give him credit for and if he had decent defense in front of him would be putting up pretty impressive numbers.

    Two years ago I’d have said “Vokoun” but A) he’s not as good as he was and B) since getting out of Florida he’s gotten more attention.

  • Leaf Fan in Mexico


    Loved the post. I feel better not being alone with the though: what the hell are you doing, Randy Carlyle, with Nazim Kadri? Did he “dis” you at practice once? A prank gone wrong in the dressing room? Date your daughter without permission? What the heck is it?

    Kadri is doing well stats-wise — 3 points compared Lupul’s team leading 5 with about 60% of the ice time, a full length game good enough not to freak you out in dangerous situations, a strong if underrated drawing penalties skill, to being a constant threat…. well there is not much downside to his game.

    Are we MISSING something? Carlyle used him well last year… I don’t get it… I generally like Carlyle’s approach (maybe a heavy on goonish guys that cant play a good game of shinny.

    Tell me please what is going on here??????

  • Jeremy Ian

    I worry about Carlyle’s approach. It’s not just the goons. It’s the absent concept of team development. This is not a team made of veterans with honed instincts from many years of playing. This team’s been a yo yo for years. It’s going to take a while for it to gel. But to start the season with Kadri and Gardiner already in the dog house (Steve, quite right, if you are marketing an asset this is no way to do it!) is insane. Kadri with Orr and Ashton? Kadri ranked 9th in ice time of all forwards?

    If I am Nonis, I am watching this coach. After all this hard work over the offseason putting together a decent team and watching my valued assets get jerked around, I would have as high expectations of my coach as the coach does of his players.

  • Jeremy Ian

    For Gardiner you would almost have to accept prospects and picks because of the cap situation, unless they were to package or make a trade before hand and included players like Bozak (please) or Kulemin (rather not) just to open up some cap space