General notes on a general Sunday

Couple of points of interest…

Per David Alter, the Toronto Maple Leafs have sent Spencer Abbott and Jamie Devane back down to the Marlies so that the two can play in today’s game against Lake Erie.

The move is notable because it settles a question I’ve had about the collective agreement. With Nik Kulemin going onto the injured reserve, Carter Ashton became the only Maple Leafs healthy scratch, putting the Leafs at 21 active players, plus the suspended David Clarkson.

Article 16.4 (b) of the CBA:

(b) Clubs are not permitted to Loan Players where the result of such Loan(s) would reduce the Club’s Active Roster below eighteen (18) skaters and two (2) goaltenders. However, Clubs will not be required to Recall Players to maintain the minimum eighteen (18) skaters and two (2) goaltenders on days which they do not play an NHL Game, provided that the deficiency below those thresholds is a result of an injury that has caused the removal of such disabled Player from the Active Roster.

The article doesn’t specify whether the “Active Roster” includes suspended players, which makes a big difference for the Leafs. The demotions for Abbott and Devane bring the Leafs from 19 skaters to 17, but if you count Clarkson, it’s 20 to 18.

So, now we know that rule. For purposes of anything CBA-related, a suspended player counts as one on the Active Roster. It’s funny how neither the rulebook nor the CBA makes the distinction of what actually happens to a suspended player. It’s like everybody just agrees he won’t be allowed to play.

Medical Emergency for Nonis

Some people in the pressbox noted a medical emergency last night:

Turns out it was Leafs general manager David Nonis who had to be taken to St. Michael’s Hospital due to general unwellness. We have “fluish and unwell” from Sportsnet and “flu-like symptoms” from the Globe. There’s nothing up on the Leafs website just yet, so they probably just sent a general note to reporters to clear the air.

Doesn’t sound serious, but we wish Nonis all the best and a quick recovery. Sounds like he’ll be discharged today if everything goes well.

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  • STAN

    Not a huge fan of the moves made by Nonis since his elevation to Burke’s position in January, but from all accounts he’s a gentleman. Here’s hoping he’s fine.

    With all the Rhodes scholars (real and perceived) in Leafs management, if they screwed up the player shuttle between Toronto and Toronto, you’d think there’d be hell to pay.

    Look what happened in Calgary: Jay feaster just about cost the Flames players and draft picks for nothing because he didn’t perform due diligence.Now? Burke is right next door waiting to take over.