LFR7 – Game 1 – MayRay? YayRay! – Tor 4, Mtl 3


I’m back! Miss me? I missed the Leafs winning. Lots of first impressions on a new-look team. Here’s how I saw it. 

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  • Poluza

    I know that it’s early season, and the players are still figuring each other out again, but I was really pleased to see that the Leafs still believe in the system that they’re a part of. For a team that sacrifices high end talent roster spots for players like Colton Orr, they have done well supporting each other. Instead of just being a team filled out by either plugs or all-stars (exaggeration I know), the Leafs have rounded out their individual games to help the greater good, as opposed to trying to carry the team on their individual shoulders (except you Kessel. You stay classy).

    So yeah, in conclusion, this is finally a leafs team that I can believe in simply because it seems that they believe in themselves, and that they’ll be a team that competes every single night.

  • 4 points!

    I know this was for last nights game, but regarding the Bernier/Reimer debate, I agree Reimer has not lost the #1 gig. Bernier was amazing tonight though, but I think ya gotta go with Reimer for Saturday.

    go leafs go! what a start!

    Hey Dangle, are you going to cover the new division rules/making the playoffs etc.?

    Congrats on over 1000 subscribers!