Leafs Announce 2013-14 Broadcast Schedule

Hey you guys like watching and listening to the Leafs, right?

The Leafs have just announced their 2013-14 broadcast schedule, detailing where you can watch and listen to the Leafs games for this quickly-approaching season.

So who gets what?

CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada gets the largest amount of televised games with 25 regular season games. Most noteworthy, CBC will carry the Leafs’ Winter Classic clash with the Detroit Red Wings on New Year’s Day 2014 (that’s January 1st, by the way). Sportnet Ontario will feature the second-most regular season games with 23. TSN and Leafs TV get the rest of the games, airing 17 each.

On the radio side, Sportsnet Radio the Fan 590 and TSN Radio will be splitting the games right down the middle, broadcasting 41 games each. Sportsnet Radio will be airing the Jan. 1 Winter Classic.

The full preseason and regular season broadcast schedule can be found on the Leafs’ website by clicking these lovely words. We could just rip them off of the Leafs’ site and post them here, but come on. Really?

The Leafs’ playoff broadcast schedule won’t be released until they make the playoffs, where they will ultimately win the Stanley Cup, obvi.

  • Avro

    Puck Daddy with an article on the Kadri situation, Leafs fans have said everything from “Trade him, he’s overrated”..Doesnt play well with his line mates, selfish. We Finally draft a player with some Skill, and these bozos want him gone. No wonder we’re a loser.