The Schedule Is Out

After several days of delays (something about a vacation to Russia got in the way), the NHL schedule has finally been released, obviously including the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now, instead of saying "Is it October yet?", Leafs fans can say "Is it October 1st yet?". Actually.. lets just stick with the original. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • The Leafs open their season on October 1st against the Montreal Canadiens, in Montreal. It’s a Tuesday night game, but that won’t stop the tradition of watching Toronto’s debut on Hockey Night In Canada.
  • For those who have season tickets (we all hate you and your money, by the way), the home opener is against Ottawa on October 5th.
  • Return games: Clarke MacArthur returns to Toronto on October 5th, Matt Frattin and Ben Scrivens on December 11th, Ryan Hamilton on October 12th, Mike Komisarek on October 17th, Brian Burke (lets allow this) on October 22nd, Mikhail Grabovski on a date to be determined, and Ryan O’Byrne when pigs fly.
  • Counter-Return games: David Clarkson returns to New Jersey on March 23rd, David Bolland on October 19th, Jonathan Bernier on March 13th. Strong chance every other new addition will be in the AHL when it’s their time to face their former team.
  • Toronto takes their road trip across the Canadian West Coast pretty early this year, visiting Edmonton on October 29th, Calgary on the 30th, and Vancouver on November 2nd.
  • Ther closest thing to an extened road trip is a 5 game in 8 day stretch in March, where the Leafs visit Anaheim (10th), San Jose (11th), Los Angeles (13th), Washington (16th), and Detroit (18th)
  • On the other side of the coin, Toronto’s longest homestead is also 5 games, in mid-November. It sees them face Buffalo (16th), the Islanders (19th), Nashville (21st), Washington (23rd), and Columbus (25th).
  • Per month, the Leafs play 14 games in October (7 home, 7 road), 13 in November (6 home, 7 road), 14 in December (10 home, 4 road), 15 in January (7 home, 8 road), 5 in February (2 home, 3 road), 15 in March (6 home, 9 road), and 6 in April (3 home, 3 road).
  • Per day, the Leafs play 6 games on Monday (2 home, 4 road), 18 on Tuesday (10 home, 8 road), 9 on Wednesday (3 home, 6 road), 14 on Thursday (6 home, 8 road), 7 on Friday (2 home, 5 road), 23 on Saturday (15 home, 8 road), and 5 on Sunday (3 home, 2 road).
  • Toronto plays a home and home against every West team, 3 games against every Metropolitan division team (2 Home against Carolina, Columbus, New Jersey, NY Islanders, 2 road against NY Rangers, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington), a double home-and-home against the Atlantic Division, and an extra game tacked on to Buffalo (home), and Montreal (road).
  • CBC gets 25 broadcasts this season. No word yet on how the other games are split up, or who will control the radio waves. To no surprise, CBC gets the Winter Classic.
  • The last game before the Olympic Break will be in Toronto as the Leafs host the Canucks on February 8th, and the return game will be on the road against the Islanders on Feburary 27th. The Leafs don’t actually come back to the ACC until March 3rd against the Blue Jackets, nearly an entire month without a home game.
  • The Leafs will play in the Atlantic Division, disappointing everybody who preferred "Flortheast" as a name.

The full schedule can be found below:

Date Team Time Date Team Time
1-Oct at Montreal 7:00 25-Oct vs Columbus 7:00
2-Oct at Philadelphia 7:30 26-Oct vs Pittsburgh 7:00
5-Oct vs Ottawa 7:00 29-Oct at Edmonton 9:30
8-Oct vs Colorado 7:00 30-Oct at Calgary 8:00
10-Oct at Nashville 8:00 2-Nov at Vancouver 7:00
12-Oct vs Edmonton 7:00 8-Nov vs New Jersey 7:00
15-Oct vs Minnesota 7:00 9-Nov at Boston 7:00
17-Oct vs Carolina 7:00 13-Nov at Minnesota 7:30
19-Oct at Chicago 7:00 15-Nov at Buffalo 7:00
22-Oct vs Anaheim 7:00 16-Nov vs Buffalo 7:00

Date Team Time Date Team Time
19-Nov vs NY Islanders 7:00 8-Dec vs Boston 7:00
21-Nov vs Nashville 7:00 11-Dec vs Los Angeles 7:30
23-Nov vs Washington 7:00 12-Dec at St Louis 8:00
25-Nov vs Columbus 7:00 14-Dec vs Chicago 7:00
27-Nov at Pittsburgh 7:30 16-Dec at Pittsburgh 7:00
29-Nov at Buffalo 7:30 17-Dec vs Florida 7:00
30-Nov at Montreal 7:00 19-Dec vs Phoenix 7:00
3-Dec vs San Jose 7:00 21-Dec vs Detroit 7:00
5-Dec vs Dallas 7:00 23-Dec at NY Rangers 7:00
7-Dec at Ottawa 7:00 27-Dec vs Buffalo 7:00

Date Team Time Date Team Time
29-Dec vs Carolina 7:00 20-Jan at Phoenix 8:00
1-Jan at Detroit 1:00 21-Jan at Colorado 9:00
4-Jan vs NY Rangers 7:00 23-Jan at Dallas 8:30
7-Jan vs NY Islanders 7:00 25-Jan at Winnipeg 7:00
9-Jan at Carolina 7:00 28-Jan vs Tampa Bay 7:00
10-Jan at Washington 7:00 30-Jan vs Florida 7:00
12-Jan vs New Jersey 7:00 1-Feb vs Ottawa 7:00
14-Jan at Boston 7:00 4-Feb at Florida 7:30
15-Jan vs Buffalo 7:30 6-Feb at Tampa Bay 7:30
18-Jan vs Montreal 7:00 8-Feb vs Vancouver 6:00

Date Team Time Date Team Time
27-Feb at NY Islanders 7:00 22-Mar vs Montreal 7:00
1-Mar at Montreal 7:00 23-Mar at New Jersey 7:00
3-Mar vs Columbus 7:00 25-Mar vs St Louis 7:00
5-Mar at NY Rangers 7:00 28-Mar at Philadelphia 7:00
8-Mar vs Philadelphia 7:00 29-Mar vs Detroit 7:00
10-Mar at Anaheim 10:00 1-Apr vs Calgary 7:00
11-Mar at San Jose 10:30 3-Apr vs Boston 7:00
13-Mar at Los Angeles 10:30 5-Apr vs. Winnipeg 7:00
16-Mar at Washington 3:00 8-Apr at Tampa Bay 7:30
18-Mar at Detroit 7:30 10-Apr at Florida 7:30
19-Mar vs Tampa Bay 7:00 12-Apr at Ottawa 7:00