Leafs Offseason: Clarkson, Bozak, and iTunes

The Leafs did a bunch of stuff!…I mean, I’m not really sure it was good stuff, but it’s stuff, alright!

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  • Clarkson- Happy he signed with the leafs but he is a much better version of Colby Armstrong who was paid 3 million. In free agency, don’t think how we could have gotten Clarkson for less than 5 million.
    Bernier- Was and still am totally against this move. We had 2 goaltenders that held their own in the net for the short season. Maybe the leafs management knows something about Reimer’s recurring injuries and thats why they traded for Bernier. But I hope from the bottom of my heart that Reimer keeps his spot as number 1 goaltender for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
    Bolland-Great addition, would love to resign him next year!
    Grabovski & Bozak-uhh…. Grabovski is better than Bozak, would have only paid 1 million more, kept the money from the buyout. Grabovski is better offensively, bozak is not worth 4 million as a defensive center. I guess its all office politics, with bozak being a favorite of carlyle and a close friend of kessel who we need to resign next year.
    Macarthur-Would have loved to resign him, but have no space. 🙁 we got lucky the year we signed him for real cheap. He fit Wilson’s system and played exceptionally well.

    Signing the rest of the RFA’s….. NEED to resign kadri, gunnarson and franson for sure. Colborne and fraser are not as big of priorities. Maybe there might be 1 or 2 more big trades shifting out salary (maybe phaneuf to the oilers for prospects and draft picks?)

    Overall I think our team is in a much bigger mess than we had during the playoffs.

  • jasken

    I give the Leafs B- I really thought they would address getting some solid d-man til the prospects were ready. They should have locked up the RFAs they wanted first.

    Bozak I am expecting around 200 shots and 65 pts if he remains on top line. Think Bolland takes that from him.

    Clarkson is a gamble, he could be a nice power forward or flash pan, dont like term, but money seems surprisingly under going rate.

    Bernier totally amusing wont be surprised he gets traded next season. They acquired him to be starter, I think he chokes under all the spot light here.

  • jasken

    At first, I was surprised by the drastic moves made over the summer by Nonis. Let’s face it, the 2012 version of the leafs got lucky and were not a very good team. And there was enough comments and talk about poor leaf shot differential, that forced Nonis to make massive changes in the off season.

    But after looking at the corsi of the incoming players and their usage I can see why Nonis made these changes. He still needs to improve a few more areas but based my looking at a few stats I track- corsi, PDO etc this was a deliberate and well thought out plan of action.

    I don’t know why people are in such an uproar. Clearly the 2012 team was garbage. You can tell this from watching them get outplayed which Cam has done a good job capturing with his stats studies. It shouldn’t be surprising that big changes were need. And I don’t think Nonis is done.

  • jasken

    Leafs problems were the lack of a #2D and a #1C. Nonis has done nothing to address those issues, and instead spent 12%+ of the cap on Bozak and Clarkson.

    Why am I being so “generous” with a D-? Cause I also believe Nonis isn’t done, and I wanted to give myself room to give him a lower mark if need be..