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  • millzy09

    Cap space point is moot. Problem is the Leafs only have 12 players signed right now being the least in the league. 24.5 overall and 2.23m/player available.

    #1 or #2 center = 5-6m,
    1a/1b goalie = 3-4m,
    top 6 winger = 4-5m

    Averaging those out we’re left with about 11m to sign 8 more players at 1.375 per. Granted 4th liners can be had for cheap and guys in the pressbox don’t need to make a ton…but if all the holes are plugged, there isn’t a whole pile leftover.

    Can’t wait to see what happens! I’m trying to reserve my judgement until I see the plan in full.

  • millzy09

    I hate this move! I still don’t feel right about the Bernier trade, not because of what we gave up, but because it make no sense to have this guy here. Also, why isn’t he signed? Usually RFA sign right after they are traded, what is the sticking point? I think Bernier (he won’t say it) is less than thrilled to be a Leaf while Reimer is here. He doesn’t have many options except to sign or wait for a very unlikely offer sheet. As for Grabbo, he is pound for pound the toughest player since Clark, how he got up all those times I’ll never know. If we made this move to sign Bozak to 4-5 mil, it’s a huge mistake, but not as huge as signing Weiss. Why are the leafs interested in this guy? He’s 29 or 30, and has only played 17 games in the last 18 months, what does he bring that Grabbo didn’t have? No, there had better be a plan for a trade that brings in a big time player or two. Unless we’re trading for a bonafide number one centre, a 90 point player to maximize Kessel, this makes no sense. I pray to Vishnu that we don’t trade for Stastny or sign Weiss. It had better be, Kopitar, Tavares(fat chance),Towes, Duchene, or someone of that ilk who is still young and in his prime, or we are screwed. To quote a Simpson episode, “I’m ever so pissed!”