Grabovski to be bought out by Leafs

This is a bit of a surprise.

We’ve sort of discussed the possibility of a Grabovski buyout in the past, especially if he was going to continue to have his minutes cut and offensive game destroyed by Carlyle. But I thought the Bolland trade would change that in a big way and allow him to get back to scoring.

If this is a move to keep Tyler Bozak, I may have to find another favorite team. 

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  • MaxPower417

    I blame all these twitter people and bloggers complaining about the leaf cap position and Orr signing which with the MSM forced Nonis to make this move because the talent coming in the UFA market to address the d position.

    Frankly, the Grabbo contract was terribly managed. Burke tried to trade him, then didn’t and was forced to give him big money. And now he walks for nothing. Burke should have traded him back then if he was to be bought out. He left Nonis with an untradeable contract that Grabbo had little ability ever to live up to. And in full knowledge that the cap was shrinking with the new CBA. What bunch of buffoons – Burke, Nonis and also the twittersphere making up problems which don’t exist.

  • MaxPower417

    Score one fur utter ****ing stupidity!

    “If this is a move to keep Tyler Bozak, I may have to find another favorite team. ”

    These were my exact thoughts. I have been a loyal to a fault when it comes to the Leafs my entire life and have never before played the “I’m going go watch another team card” in all those years. But if they sign Bozak after this…I just don’t know how I can support such blatant incompetence.

  • MaxPower417

    The only way I could possibly stomach this if it’s to resign Bozak, is that Kessel held them over the fire and said he would only resign if Bozak was resigned.

    I wouldn’t love it, but I’d deal with it.

  • millzy09

    Reports are this is to make a big push for Clarkson….since when do you make big pushes for just decent players? This isn’t the Rick Nash sweepstakes. So now Bozak gets signed for 5+ years @ 5+ per? Sounds pretty similar to Grabo’s contract. How does this make any room? Seems Nonis is doing a terrific job of addressing our center ice issue. I’m at my wits end, unless this is for something else…