Lightning will buy out Vincent Lecavalier

I won’t lie, this one sort of surprised me. We’ve been hearing Lecavalier’s name come up in the buy-out talks over the past few days, but I really didn’t think the Lightning would actually do it this summer.

With the Leafs’ need for some help down the middle, I’m sure there will be a lot of talk about Vinny and Toronto in the coming days.

Is Lecavalier a player you would like to see the Leafs add? And what would be a fair price?

EDITOR"S NOTE (Steve Dangle)

I just had to add these Jeff Marek tweet’s to Ryan’s post. They’re too good.

Sounds juicy! Go on…

Think that’s nuts?

Dude. Subban and McDonagh alone would be Tampa’s top pairing, subbing in Victor Hedman. That’s nuts. Well, the Habs can be happy they dodged that bullet.

And jumped right in front of another. Oof.

  • caper7

    WOW this is a shock. I knew there were rumblings but to see it in print is crazy.

    The Leafs had better get all over this. He is exactly what the Leafs need down the middle….size, skill and good leadership. He can still get it done.

    Nonis…get it done!!

  • Johnny13

    Leafs better jump like peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a crisp fresh bread!!! If you can get him for a good price then go for it. If its like big big money to long of a deal then no stay away! The good thing is your not giving up your feature for a great player! Tampa Bay just can’t afford him. GO LEAFS GO!!! PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY! AHHHH WOOOO!

  • caper7

    I would be disappointed in any other UFA signing other then Vinny…he is everything the Leafs need right now. Perfect combination of size, skill and leadership in the one position the Leafs need it the most…center. Him with Kessel and JVR would be a sweet first line.

  • Back in Black

    This is a strange move. Vinny still played most of his minutes with St. Louis after Stamkos arrived, but he’s a 65-70 point centreman. Surely there were better buyout candidates (Ohlund) for Tampa Bay to make…

    Get on this, Nonis. 4-5 million for 5 years would be a steal.