• Jeremy Ian

    NO, they can’t. But they might? It has happened before. Ask me to bet, I’ll say it’s over on Fri. I’ve seen too many series turn around, and if,if,if this team turned a corner last night, if Grads found his Mojo, and can control the game much like Karrison does and everyone plays to their peak, maybe. I’ve enjoyed the trip so far and at least we didn’t fall 4-0 like the Canucks did.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Was Phanuef’s pinch stupid? yes, absolutely. However, it was definitely not what killed the leafs. If you look at the play, it essentially turend into a 3 on 3 rush as kessel raced back and had a good stick check position on lucic and Chara was being covered by mcclement. All Obryne had to do was play krejci 1 on 1, but he totally botched the coverage. He let him skate in untouched and on top of that, basically parked his rear end in reimers face. Had any other leafs dman been on the ice, the game could have ended differntly. Lesson = leafs need more depth to be a serious playoff team.

  • Jeremy Ian

    You are the most knowledgeable entity in hockey, everything you say is bang on. I love all of your videos and respect you for sticking up for Dion, he made a stupid pinch at the wrong time but he is still our best d-man and one of the tops in the league. Keep it up.

  • Jeremy Ian

    You can blame Dion, you can blame O’Byrne, you could even blame Riemer. Truth is the leafs played one hell of a game, and if they keep this up they should take it to at least 6 and will have a greatr 2013-14 regular season. They are not quite there yet and I expect Boston to take the series, but the leafs have shown plenty of fight and just cant seem to catch a lucky break (which is what we need to win). But only time can tell… the way they have played and a few bounces and it COULD (not should) be a 3-1 leafs series.

    Lets appreciate that this is the (2nd?) youngest team in the league, with plenty of cap space. A few veteran additions on D in the off season could go a long way to seeing this team become a contender in the next few years.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Comeback is unlikely. However you did not ask: Will they. You asked: Can they. They in fact, can.

    “We called the league, they’re making us play the game anyway.”
    -Jay Triano

    I don’t blame Dion, trying to make something happen, it’s overtime, you play to win. I understand the reasons why you might blame him though, so I’m ok with people hammering on him. The real problem is that he’s our number one D. We need a better number one D. Keep him, get some body better, and hey… you got a stew cookin.

    Preds suck…. trade for Weber?? Morgan Reilley anyone?? Throw in a Percy??

    Season’s not over!! Go Leafs Go. Most fun I’ve had watching a Leafs game as an adult: Jack Astors Kingston, good atmosphere.

  • Jeremy Ian

    Yes. They will win next game.

    How can I say that?

    Because they can and have done it before. Forwards playing a better game, Reimer playing better. Dion will play safer minutes. The games have been closer than what the series split indicates.

    If can can take care of the Hotron, Krejic and Lucic line, with continued focus on Marchand, Chara and Bergeron – Yes, they can win.

    Really have not tested Rask consistently yet.

    Leafs to look out for to make positive contributions.

    Ryan Hamilton – Solid Defence/ forechecking
    Matt Frattin – Secondary Offense push
    Joffrey Lupol – primary offense
    Clark Maccarthur – secondary offense push

    Mikhail Grabovski – breakout game
    Phil Kessel – breakout game

    Dion Pheneuf – solid D minutes

    If they can stick to this plan, we should be good! See you in Toronto for Game 6