• Mr Dangle, sir, can I give you my .02 cents? No? Well I gave a penny for your thoughts by liking the KFI deal, so now you can pocket my .02 cents too… But don’t ask for anymore!

    The first fight, o.k., McClaren answered what was obviously going to come. Orr, on the other hand, probably should have let that one go. But with that said, I truly believe that this was not the big “turning point” issue.
    This has been brewing for a while now, cause like you say, they are not as good as their record indicates…. Although it has been fun!!

    Why I really think time has caught up with them, is who they’re playing lately. Every team that they have played in April, other than the Habs, has been a desperate team trying to make the playoffs. Philly and Jersey were both still in the hunt when they played them, the Rangers twice, Caps & Islanders. All these teams have/had stepped up their respective games in order to try and get in… In essence, they have all been playing their respective edition of “Playoff Hockey”, already!
    Time and space on the ice has become just a little less, when playing these teams. Don’t believe me, how many fewer times has Kadri had one of his breakaways, this month, versus earlier in the year?… Don’t shoot me, that was just one very small example. Almost every team they have played this month has been in “full court press” mode, and a big weakness of the team has now been ousted with it. Just that foot, or 2 less space and time, has pretty much shut down the offense. And with it, comes the extended time in their own zone.
    The only other thing I would like to add in my first EPIC post on your wonderful site is this. WTF was going on at the trade deadline with the “we need a goalie” b.s.???? Did ANYONE upstairs take any notice to the fact that this teams faceoff percentage suuuuuuuuucks? One small trade for a faceoff guy would have been nice, instead of the constant lossses at the dot, followed by the constant chases to get the puck back…. That to me, and my .03 cents, was a huge DOH!
    In conclusion… Oh wait, I guess I don’t have a conclusion? Leaf on

  • i agree with the fighting in this game, it gave all the momentum to the Isles… and to get back in stride the leafs just need to shoot from anywhere…. like anywhere, get alot of shots….it would also help if the stand up on the blue line and neutral zone… they are making it way too easy for the oposition to gain the offensive zone… START WINNING PUCK BATTLES in our zone… I could on and oon

  • In response to your comment about hearing “man that team is great but that goalie sucks!”

    Pittsburgh and New Jersey both this year (and to a lesser extent Florida and Calgary, who really haven’t been that bad up front but have both been let down by atrocious goaltending).

    Past examples: Washington the year they won the President’s trophy, and the years immediately preceding and succeeding. Philadelphia pre-Bryzgalov. Tampa Bay two years ago pre-Roloson (and last year to a lesser extent).

    Anyway point is it happens all the time, and almost-exclusively in the East for some reason.