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  • CheezWhizard

    The Boston story sounds like an awesome experience. I’ve never worn a championship ring but I have drank champagne out of the stanley cup.

    It was 91 I think and me and a non-hockey friend went to a Blue Rodeo concert in Oshawa. On the way home I remembered that “the Cup” would be a Don Cherry’s pub. Pat Peak was there and it was almost closing time. I put my finger on the cup a couple of times and after the giddiness wore off when no one was looking I hoisted it over my head for a half second and quickly put it down. I was about to leave when Pat Peake’s Dad walking over to the table with an arm load or bubbly. He filled up the cup and then helped each person lift the cup and take a swig from it. It is my one and only claim to fame, other than meeting Stan (the Steamer) Smyl at a hockey banquet.