• Jeremy Ian

    Favourite Leafs/Habs rivalry memory:

    2007 last game of the season. Leafs-Habs game decides who makes the playoffs and who is eliminated (or so we thought at the time). All Montreal needed was 1 point and they get it. I was watching this game as the lone Leaf fan in a house full of Habs fans (including my then girlfriend at the time).

    Raycroft is in net (ugh). Toronto is winning 3-1. Michael Ryder gets a hat trick (welp, this is over). Canadiens are up 5-3. Bye bye Raycroft, hello Aubin.

    And then… Leafs comeback. Wins 6-5, I proceed to go nuts as the house of Habs fans sit shocked and whining about officiating (duh).

    Stupid Islanders/Devils…