• jasken

    It’s at the point when yesterday in the dying second of OT I turned to my wife (baking cupcakes, not really watching with me…) and said ‘I’d prefer they lost now instead of watching a shoot out’. Same end result, less cringe.

    Put a shoot out in the playoffs and perhaps more teams will take it seriously and practice it. Unfortunately it does nothing for the game overall.

  • jasken

    A shootout in the playoffs deciding anything would be the absolute worst.. Soccer is already a dumb sport for doing this to decide CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES. Idiotic way to hand out a trophy for a team sport and if it ever was introduced into hockey playoffs there should be a coup on the NHL offices.

  • The Craig

    hahahah dublewizchd or however ya spell it.. i remember that game and how don cherry said one day the leafs will be in the situation that the devils were when they didnt play brodeur and would do the same thing to NJ.. could be this year altho in the last few weeks seems unlikely

  • RYNO93

    I am Leaf fan and to answer your first question, I’d like for them to play the Habs in May after the regular season is over.

    Second question, its never gonna happen. I understand why you can think it would owner’s know fans like to watch the shootout and they figure it’ll keep them happy, but continuous OT will always be the post-season way (see I didn’t say that word)