Miikka Kiprusoff, cont.:

My thoughts on Kiprusoff are well-known. I just wanted to put the thought out there before anything concrete happens in this un-ending “will the Leafs find a goalie they don’t need” saga. The Toronto Maple Leafs would not be able to discuss any form of extension for Kiprusoff until July 1, when he’d have one year left on his current contract. The Toronto Maple Leafs would not be able to adjust Kiprusoff’s $5.83-million salary cap hit next season.

Basically, what Toronto can do is trade for Kiprusoff and sign him to his desired extension but that would only go into effect in Miikka Kiprusoff’s 38-year old season, after the summer Kiprusoff is an unrestricted free agent anyway.

The only scarier thing than the Leafs possibly acquiring Kiprusoff to take starts away from James Reimer may be the thought that the Leafs are looking to extend Kiprusoff beyond 2014. However, the talk of giving a 36-year-old goaltender an extension before you’re even allowed to give him an extension is absurd. The Leafs can’t adjust Kiprusoff’s contract and Dave Nonis for sure knows this. No doubt either Kiprusoff’s or Nonis’ camp is looking to gain some leverage in this situation.

  • DarrylY

    I still think the talk with is agent and Kipper was to see if they could get some guarantee that he’d retire at season’s end, or accept a buyout even if he got injured.

    No way the management on this team is actually dumb enough to want Kipper for anything more than an insurance policy if both Reimer and Scrivens go down in playoffs, and definitely not dumb enough to want him beyond this season, and certainly not dumb enough to give up anything more than a 6th rnd pick for him unless the Flames are taking back salary in the form of Komi/Liles…




  • DarrylY

    I’m a flames fan and I really don’t get why the leafs would not want kipper. The guy has held our team above water for the last 10 years. He had a vezina type season last season. The combination of horrible defensive play, uncertain times and an injury at the start of the season is why his stats are so poor this year. Honestly, if and when kipper gets hot these playoffs for you, he will win minimum one playoff round himself. You will grow to love him, trust me.. And you will fleece us like you did with phaneuf and gilmour..

    • DarrylY

      1. We have two young goalies, both with better stats than Kipper, both way cheaper.

      2. Getting Kipper means taking on a stupid large $5.8mil salary cap hit next season in a year when the cap goes down by $6mil.

      3. Getting Kipper means a useful roster player like MacArthur is not getting resigned because we can’t afford him.

      4. Getting Kipper means we’re not upgrading at an actual position of need because we can’t afford to (need defense, not goaltending)

      5. Kipper will be 37 years old at the start of next season.

      6. This team is at least a season or two away from contending, we are NOT in win now mode where acquiring a guy like Kipper for a stretch playoff run makes sense.

      7. This team has two buyout candidates already, wasting a buyout on Kipper next season would mean one of the guys we actually need to buy out now wouldn’t get bought out.

      8. Kipper is having the worst season of any goaltender in 25 years.

      9. Getting Kipper and extending him means giving up on a young home-grown goalie that every fan loves, and that is currently posting the 8th best save percentage in the NHL.


      Still don’t get why the Leafs would not want Kipper? It’s honestly a no-brainer. If you had any understanding whatsoever regarding the Leafs current situation, roster, own goaltending, future cap situation, age, outlook, immediate and long-term prospects, etc., it would be abundantly obvious why the Leafs should not be trading anything worth positive value (i.e., anything except Komisarek) for a boat-anchor 37-year-old washed up goalie like Miikka Kiprusoff.