LFR6 – Game 33 – Shootout Shutdown – Bos 3, Tor (SO)

The Leafs a cough one up the the Bruins.

Also, you may not like James Reimer, but he rules.

Post Game Blog: http://bit.ly/YG2nom
Stats 5-on-5: http://bit.ly/WTSt55
  • CheezWhizard

    Leaf fans have been complaining about bad goaltending for so long now that they don’t even realize when were getting it!! Its like a default to go….. Oh yeah but we need a goalie blah blah blah…… James Reimer is saving the leafs season period. i say its about time to place some blame the players in front of him for once.

    This is just my opinion but does anyone else notice that since he arrived in Toronto Dion Phaneuf skates slower and slower every year, he looks like he’s playing in an alumni game out there, i feel like colton orr would win in a race.

  • CheezWhizard

    Goaltending is great. And it has maked a big problem on the leaf’s defence. And so I hope the leafs address the defence. Phaneuf is way over his head as a #1 defender. I’d like to see him on the second pairing – about the level where he will avoid so many of the bad mistakes he makes.