LFR6 – Game 24 – The Forbidden Word

I wanna say it, but I can’t say it. But you know what I’m thinkin’, right?


Postgame Blog: http://bit.ly/WN1wSc
  • daoust

    I understand a LOT of people don’t believe in this team yet, and rightfully so it’s been quite a while since we’ve had something to brag about but something bothered me last night while I was watching the game on TSN. There was a rich sir, in a suit, reading a magazine, in the first row or second row of the lower bowl, while everybody around him was cheering. I’m talking drinking beer, wearing the jerseys, trying to get into the head of Bishop, etc..

    NOW, I know the … forbidden word is far from secure, but I sincerely want and challenge every Leafs fan to just WANT IT. Cheer! Look at New Jersey. One of the most playoff consistent teams in the league sure, but their fans put up a crowd level that rivals dare I say Winnipeg. We are Leafs fans, and as Mats Sundin once said, we have to stand behind our players. To me, we shouldn’t be doubting, we should be wanting. Not saying you have to believe we’re going to make it, but believe in our ability TO make it. Get fired up, support our boys!

  • daoust

    A real fan cheers for and gets behind everything their players are trying to achieve. If you don’t like a move on the roster or a move by the coach, ok that’s fine, but have confidence in the fact we CAN make it, have confidence.