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  • Yeah it’s a dumb story, Eugene Melnick is a piece of work and one of the many reasons I have no respect for that organization. The whole “no rival fans” thing is beyond narrow minded. There are 30 teams in 30 cities. Ottawa needs to get over themselves. You will find a Leafs fan in Nashville and guarantee a Sharks fan in TO (I saw one at a Rock game last weekend).

  • RYNO93

    I get why Melnyk said what he said about not wanting the building full of Leafs fans, but he needs to understand fans of opposing teams will buy up tickets to those games before the Sens fans will because the Sens fans are looking at all 41 (or this year 24) home games and deciding “Battle of Ontario? or go see the Penguins? or Flyers?”.
    I remember reading an article in The Hockey News from a Bruins fan living in Ottawa and he said as soon as the schedule is released he get ready to buy the tickets for all the Boston at Ottawa games, this just proves you can’t stop the visitors fans from coming; especially Leafs fans right Buffalo, Boston, Florida, Tampa.

    Also to Mr Melnyk, why have you not said the same thing about Habs fans in your arena? Not like they don’t have half or more of the place when Montreal visits

  • I 100% agree with Melnyk. Why would any owner want the opposing teams fans filling the building, especially Leafs fans. Stop being so sensitive Leafs fans, get over it. Nobody likes you.

    *Note – please disregard if you own the Panthers or Coyotes, in which case, Leafs fans, feel free to flock there