• Mason from NC

    I don’t know. There’s a fine line between depth and logjam. Jake Gardiner not playing with the Leafs if he is, indeed, healthy should bother every Leafs fan. He was great last year and unless they’re playing it safe with his head injury, because of what happened with Reimer last year, or he’s on the trading block, there should be absolutely no reason he’s not getting playing time with the NHL club.

    In terms of specific pairings, I think Gunnarsson-Phaneuf should make a return and I’d love to see Gardiner-Phaneuf at least tried out. Franson-Fraser is pretty solid. Liles-Gunnarsson/Gardiner would also be decent. I like Holzer and Kostka, but they are depth players, not starters. It’s fine that they’re in the lineup now, but Phaneuf, Franson, Liles, Gardiner, and Gunnarsson should have priority, with the 6th guy being the best other Dman so far – at the moment, Fraser.