• BleedBlue

    i really dont know.. what do you really do if your Nonis right now? I dont think i would go after luongo right now. Both goalies are pretty Hot. and the way Scrviens finished off that game. i have confidence that he can step up to the plate and take advantage of the situation. As for Holzner.. first time offender,so i guess the 5 and a game is good enough.

  • Joey

    I feel a bit nervous about Scrivens starting. Then again, I felt a bit nervous about both goalies at the beginning of the season, and Reimer didn’t let me down, so I think I’m actually fine with Scrivens filling in for Reimer until Reimer is healthy again. From the start, I never really cared which one started, as long as the Leafs CHOSE one as a starter, for good, instead of cycling between two goalies all the time.

    I hope Holzer does get suspended. If he doesn’t, I hope he gets scratched next game. What a dumb, unnecessary hit. If he were a more important player, a stern talking (yelling) to would do, but he isn’t, so throw Komisarek in for a game. Let Holzer know that he has the potential to be more of a liability than an asset to the team.

  • Ben Wilson

    In the post game Carlyle was asked who would have gone in if Scrivens had gone down, as it has to be a skater. Carlyle laughed and had no answer.

    Steve, do you have an answer to that question? Can you think of any actual NHL occurrences where a forward or defensemen played goalie in a game?