LFR6 – Game 5 – Three-Headed Monster


 The Rangers expose some serious problems on the Leafs by totally out-classing them. Only five games in, but what now?

  • Ayodele

    Interesting point about spending $22M for quality players like Nash/Gabby/Richards vs $15M for Phaneuf/Komi/Liles.

    The reason why we have to play AHLers for 30min a night is right there in the salaries. We have too many overpaid underperforming defenders in long term contracts. And I include Phaneuf, granted he is the best of the three but he is not good value for a $6.5M dman.

  • Ayodele

    You pretty much said it without uttering the words, Steve. An experienced shut down dman to play with Phaneuf and at least try and keep those big lines at bay. Plus, as bad as the goaltending has been over the years with the leafs, I wouldn’t say it’s been quite as bad as the defense in front of them (either by a bad system, bad players, or players playing a system that doesn’t fit their game).

    You’ve got 3 decent forward lines, 2 goalies that can stop a puck and give you a chance to win. If you can get some defensive help the team won’t be in bad shape at all, imo.

  • Ayodele

    The current players are simply not good enough to get the job done.
    Yet some of them make big money to produce very little results
    We will not be able to win with Phaneuf and Kessel.
    They are not the type of players that will win you a Stanley Cup

    Too many mistakes were made leading up to the assembly of this team.

    The first year JFJ was GM , he got rid of Pat Quinn, brought in Paul Maurice
    Then he resigned both Kaberle and McCabe when a little known GM in Boston named Peter Chiarelli threw money at a free agent named Chara. What would the leaf defense look like with Chara in the line up?
    Come on were the Toronto Maple Leafs the richest team in Hockey, but we can for the life of me see the forest for the trees.

    No one should be running this team but the very very best hockey man money can buy !

  • Ayodele

    You are stealing Healy’s comments from HINIC about not putting Kostka’s against the Rangers first line. And so obviously this reasoining must be wrong because I have learned from other bloggers that Healy is never correct nor has anything valuable to say