• I liked Наиль’s celebration, probably because, for some reason after watching him for more than a year now, I like the kid. Deep down inside I hope great things come his way and that fame doesn’t get the better of him.

  • I find it disengenious to call out Kaleta for Bertuzzing Kessel when he runs Miller (which arugably Kaleta had a right to defend his goalie).

    And Phaneuf on the other hand runs Taveres and then pulls a typical Kaleta “rat” move by not standing up for his actions.

    I don’t like Kaleta’s game at all but Phaneuf’s game is starting to verge on rat terrority. Either he plays the game clean like gunnar but if Phaneuf wants to be the tough guy then back it up when he is in the wrong. I don’t want a Carcillo or Kaleta on the leafs.

    That said, I think the rest of the video had the right message.

  • Yakupov’s celly was fun to watch. Wish there was that kind of enthusiasm and heart from some of the Leafs players sometimes.

    What do you make of Kessel’s early struggles? I know it’s still early, and not like the chances aren’t there…Just curious…What changes do you think might help him out of it? Do you think moving someone like JVR or Frattin up on that line with him and bozak would spark something?