Grabovski, Kulemin, Komarov: Since you been gone.

Let’s stop pretending like that’s not a catchy song, Ok?

I’ve spent the last few months covering the KHL. I’ve been following all of the locked-out NHL players that were over there, and followed the Leafs over there with the most interest.

Many of you have asked "How did Mikhail Grabovski look with Datsyuk?" "How did Nikolai Kulemin look with Malkin?" and "Who the hell is Leo Komarov?" Allow me to try to answer.

  • LIII1940

    Good stuff!

    8 hits in 12:56 by Komarov last night!

    Kulemin still seems scared to shoot the puck, but he’s probably just used to being a bouncing board for give and goes from Malkin and Mozyakin. Gotta blame him for the goal against last night, he had loads of time to clear it and didn’t. He played a grand total of zero seconds on the powerplay, so I’m thinking I should drop him from my pool… 😛