Malkin & Kulemin light it up, Ovechkin scores and gets punchy, and more KHL Highlights

Lots of KHL goodness today. Malkin puts up 4 points and helps Nikolai Kulemin get two of his own, Ovechkin scores and helps Nicklas Backstrom get his first KHL point, and he gets a little punchy, too.


Damn it Kulemin looks good with Malkin. I think Malkin could even make me look good, and I have the skating speed of a glacier.

Ovechkin scores, sauce, and scraps as he is reunited with Nicklas Backstrom in the KHL.

Alexei Ponikarovsky and Ruslan Fedtotenko team up to win for Donbass.

And this little guy’s got all in one, plus more 🙂

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  • Reg Dunlop

    I don’t know what to say. As much as I appreciate the effort to cover the KHL, my interest in a league on the other side of the world with one Oiler playing… well, it’s dwindling.

    • The Oilers Shot Clock

      I dunno – the action seems a lot more exciting than NHL hockey many nights. Big ice surface. Lots of dangle/skill. Less fourth liners. Granted we are only seeing highlights but it looks pretty good to me.

      • I keep trying to emphasize to people that it’s really futile to compare the NHL and KHL. Totally different ice, totally different strategy, totally different ideology. Some players are more important, others are less. One thing I will say is there aren’t many staged fights, so when they actually do scrap, it’s because they’re actually mad.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    great highlights, thanks for them, but i have to admit i’m not missing the NHL much right now, there’s the baseball playoffs, NFL and CFL football, and of course the Oil Kings.

    • There were TWO players wearing 99. One on each team! I demand the KHL immediately shutdown forever as an appropriate compensation for this atrocity.

      Nicklas Backstrom, you should know better, you dickball.

  • With worse goalies it means more puck-possession and offense in KHL. If the Jets have the roster room I like R.Moser. A hockey blog did a lobby for his linemate G.Black who went 135th. Moser is only a little worse. I’m assuming no PP time and on pace for 20 goals, a gentle progression.

  • Weird THN has Backstrom way down their best centres list. As an asset he has injury issues but for best, is way up there. Is R.Moser UFA eligible? Is it two rounds or 20 yrs of age, UFA? Only a summer window after one yr?
    A 5 yr two way contract would be sweet given some big salaries now. Roll over the pick if you have to you usually get more anyway.