Is November 2nd going to be the NHL’s starting date?

Let me know and you could win an autographed Cam Atkinson rookie card or a John Carlson rookie card.

  • gold4canada

    I don’t think it’ll be done before Nov 1. Even if we do have a season, it won’t be 82 games.

    Leafs finally get to be in the Winter Classic and the season is cancelled. Go figure.

  • htboston

    I hope the deal is done in the next couple weeks which would mean they still have to have some sort of training camp. End November is when I think both sides will figure out what they really want and what they can live without. Please NHL come back.

  • Carol

    Do I think the season will start on Nov 2nd? To be honest, no, but do I hope so? Yes. I think an agreement will be reached around the end of November so I’m gunna say thats probably when the season will start..I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t till December. This is like a game of chess..played in slow-mo..and Bettman’s the pawn(s).

  • Carol

    Haha Lambert’s totally getting the Carlson card…

    Anywho, I was excited to watch 24/7 with the Leafs. But of course like anything else in life, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
    I’m excited to watch hockey again, and as sad as it sounds, I’m ready for another rocky Leafs season. But most of all, I just want a season of any sort.

  • Uzair

    No obviously it’s not starting till the 2nd nor is it gonna be 82 games. I think the NHL can get going by early December in the earliest I’d say or late Nov. Thing is that the PA is really drawing a line here and I don’t see them accepting a sizable pay cut which any offer the NHL makes right now would involve even if they move the math around. NHL might step up to 52% or more of a soft landing situation later on which should get things going.

    Entering for the Atkinson card cos I think he’s an underrated young player and I like that Crown Royale design.

  • oats

    I don’t think it’ll start by November 2nd but I sure as hell hope so! HBO 24/7 is BY FAR the best part of the Winter Classic and if the Leafs miss out on that I’ll be extremely upset.

    By the way nice jersey just bought the same one.

  • oats

    Hah, no. I have no faith in the NHL, and considering the way things are going, the season is not going to start by Nov. 2. By the way, if by any chance I do win one of the cards (which if I do, I would love it to be JCar’s), will you ship it to China? 🙂

  • FlareKnight

    I hate to say it, but I can see no season happening. The bickering of rich people is something that could go on for a while. Even if they can agree on an idea they can’t agree about how to get there.

    I hope there is a season, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t get one.