Dangle’s Cards: You can lock out a league, but you can’t lock out a sport


Well, this SHOULD be my first post-game video for the Leafs’ home opener vs the Habs, but instead, I’m going on rant mode. Oh, and you can win a wicked-sweet Jake Gardiner rookie card. I know, right?!

  • Tommysobe76

    Glad to see the LFR videos again. Is talking about lockout hockey talk? Marlies have definitely benefitted from extra attention. Is Chansler still covering Marlies?

    Gardiner looked good in the first game. Hopefully Kadri can step up to the big league.

    Wonder how the lockout will affect Olympic Hockey?

    Go Canada!

  • Alexander M

    This year, I hope the leafs either make the playoffs or finish last. If we miss the playoffs in 9th then we wont get mackinnon. We need a player of the caliber for the present and the future.

  • Skill2Envy

    Steve, thanks for the videos, congrats on your milestone and your welcome!

    With the NHL lockout I have been able to invest some time into the Marlies and Oshawa Generals. Great start by the Gens, why Biggs was selected over Jenner is still a mystery. As for the Marlies, it is good to see some future Leafs play with some NHL competition.

    In regards to the Leafs, I hope to see them play this season. How will Gardiner come back in season 2, can Lupul repeat, will Kadri stick opening day, can Connolly be a #1 or will he be a shutdown centre, and can Reimer rebound. Most importantly, can the Leafs break the playoff drought.

    Some question I hope I will get to see answered and in a positive way.